Top 5 TH8 4 Mortar War Base of 2015

Now that the new base editor is implemented and you can save up to 3 base design for your war base, many of my blog readers are asking for new and better TH8 war Base Designs. Due to huge demand for latest and up-to-date war base designs for TH8, I am including below Top 5 TH8 4 Mortar War Base of 2015.


All 5 TH8 war base designs and layouts are latest

All TH8 clan war base designs in this article are latest and should serve you well through 2015. These designs are not only latest, they are well tested in clan war before I have chosen them to present them to you in this collection of top TH8 clan war designs that are Anti Dragonian, Anti Giants and Healer, Anti Hogs, Anti GoWiPe, Anti GoWiWi, Anti Loonian and anti hound. Although all the below designs will perform well against attacks from TH8 attackers, they are not tested against attacks from higher level attackers like TH9 and TH10 attackers and I am sure they will not hold good against such high-level troop attacks.

These Top 5 TH8 War Base – 2015 defend against TH8 Attackers

Defense from TH9 and TH10 attackers is not possible and one should not strive to even try to achieve this. In clan wars, it is customary that like town hall level players attack each other. If for some reason higher level players will attack lower level opponents, chances are very bright that such a clan will always fail in clan wars. Thus, if you do get attacked by higher level town hall players, although you may give away 2 or even 3 stars easily, you will mostly contribute to your clan’s win. The below TH8 war base layouts will defend perfectly from TH8 war attackers.

These top 5  TH8 War Base Layouts if 2015 include the 4th Mortar

Since these layouts are latest, they do include the fourth Mortar in all the designs. Many of my blog readers had been requesting for latest and up-to-date base designs specially for TH8 where the 4th mortar is not only included but also well positioned in order for them to help include their 4th mortar into their clan war designs. Thus, this collection of 12 war layouts include the additional mortar in them.

Th5 Top 5 TH8 War Base Designs of 2015 include Skeleton Traps

Skeleton traps are a more recent inclusion of traps within the game. You get 2 skeleton traps at town hall 8, if you are looking for war base layouts which include the skeleton traps, you are in luck. All 12 base designs below include the skeleton traps. Looking at the below base designs you not only get base which include skeleton traps, you can also study the designs below and understand why they have been positioned where they are positioned. This will help you both understand how Skeleton traps work, if it is better to set them to air or to ground defense, and also, how you should position them in your clan war base layout.

1 Anti Dragons (Anti-Air) War Layout TH8

An Anti-Dragon War Base Design – TH8

TH8 War Base 2015 - Design 1

TH8 War Base 2015 – Design 1

Here is a TH8 war base layout that is simply an anti-air town hall eight base design. A village that has been tested many times in clan wars to effectively defend against both an all dragon attack (defends well against level 3 or lower dragons) and an anti Loonian (Anti Balloons and Minions – Level 5 Balloons & level 4 Minions) attack.

Central positioning of the town hall, clan castle & the three air defense towers helps ensure complete protection by all three air defense towers to the town hall in the center. Further, the air defenses provide defense cover to all other defense buildings and resource storages on the outer part of the base. The resource collectors and other buildings like the laboratory, the barracks, the army camps and the spell factory are positioned in the extreme outer layer of the layout and are well covered by cannons, archer towers, wizard towers and mortars. After being tested in the clan wars for some time and after understanding and evaluating various attacks on the base air bombs and air mines have been positioned in the directions from where the base is attacked more often. In the case of this base design, almost 70% of all air attacks have taken place from the bottom left direction. Thus more air mines and air bombs have been purposely positioned therein.

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2 Anti Dragons (Anti-Air) War Layout 2 TH8

Another Anti-Dragon War Base Design – Town Hall 8

TH8 War Base 2015 - Design 2

TH8 War Base 2015 – Design 2

This TH 8 war base is again primarily an anti-dragon war layout. All three air defense towers support each other creating a ring of air defense which encompasses 90 percent of all other defense buildings and resource storages. A centrally located Townhall and accompanied clan castle ensure that the attacker will need to use both time and troops in order to lure out the clan castle troops before they can start the main attack. Apart from being an anti-air base design, this design will also hold good on poorly planned giant and healer attacks and will also defend well from a poor all hogs attack. Placement of the 5 cannons within the outermost layer of defenses helps ensure that wall breakers will be taken out before they can take out the outer layer of walls. 

The Barbarian King and both the air mines are positioned on the side from where the village regularly get’s attacked with dragons. The barbarian king will help distract the dragons and ensure that they are taken out before they can reach or destroy the air defenses which are closest to the town hall. Inclusion of 1 or 2 goblins in the clan castle will help further distract the dragons. This base will perform best when you include 4 to 5 highest level wizards in the clan castle. Generally this TH8 clan war design for dragons gives away only one star (provided you are attacked by level 3 or lower dragons), against level 4 dragons and 5 spells i.e., attacks from town hall 10 players, it is not possible to defend the base from getting 3 starred.

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3 Anti-Giants & Hogs War Base Layout TH8

A Perfect Anti Giants-Healer TH8 War Layout

An Anti Giants TH8 war base Layout

TH8 War Base 2015 – Design 3

Notice in the above TH8 war base design the placement of spring traps is for the Giants, they get greeted with spring traps on all 4 sides before they can proceed to reach even the first defense buildings. A Central clan castle (please include level 5 or higher Wizards in the clan castle) which is more or less un-lurable. In most of the cases, the clan castle troops will get activated once most of the giants are deployed.

Strategic positioning of the air defenses helps ensure that the healers get eliminated quickly. This helps support the defenses to easily take out the remaining giants. Although this village design may not hold good for an all hogs attack, it works pretty well against all giants and giants cum healer attacks. It also holds well against dragon attacks.

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4 Anti-Giants & Hogs War Base Layout 2 TH8

An Anti Giants Anti Hogs TH8 War Base Layout

An Anti Giants and Anti Hogs TH8 War Base Layout

TH8 War Base 2015 – Design 4

This TH8 war base layout is particularly effective against giant attacks and hog rider attacks. It houses a centrally located town hall, central clan castle and positioning of the king. Spring traps, giant bombs, bombs, air bombs and air mines are all evenly spread out to ensure protection against giants, hogs & healers. The placement of the skeleton traps is perfect and is set to ground attack. Ensure to request for level 5 or level 6 wizards in the clan castle in order to get best results. The clustered positioning of the wizard towers, the 4 mortars and either a cannon or an archer tower together helps them protecting each outer.

The resource collectors and storages are rightly positioned on the outer parts of the base to ensure that attacking troops are engaged and busy trying to take them out while our defenses take them out. It’s a 3 wall layers layout which particularly provides protection to the town hall.

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5 Anti All War Base Designs TH8

A Well Balanced Anti-All TH8 War Layout

Town Hall 8 - War Layout - Anti All

TH8 War Base 2015 – Design 5

Finally, the above TH8 war base  layout has a centrally located town hall (level 8), a difficult to lure clan castle (not un-lurable), centrally located air defenses (all supporting the Townhall),  4 evenly spread out mortars (giving splash damage support to almost the entire base), 3 wall layers to the town hall (making it difficult for ground troops to reach it fast), strategically positioned giant bombs and spring traps (to take out Giants and Hogs early), well positioned resource storages to ensure to absorb and keep enemy troops occupied so that the defenses can take them down.

Further, this layout also has cannons just behind the first layer of walls to ensure that wall breakers can’t easily break the walls. In all, perfectly distributed buildings (all giving support to each other) to ensure a balanced protection from all sides.

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Did you Like the Above 5 Th8 War Base Designs?

Guys, if you liked the above latest TH8 war base designs, please post your comments and experience while using these designs in your clan wars. Also, you may share these TH8 war base designs with your clan mates & friends so that they can benefit from using them. If you do have any suggestions or comments on the above TH8 war base layouts and would like to provide your inputs, you are most welcome to post below (in the comments section). If you have better TH8 layouts or designs which you have been using in war and would like me to include them in my forthcoming articles, please upload the designs and share a link below.

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