How to Install and Play Clash of Clans on Mac OS X

Play Clash of Clans on Mac OS X - Installation Steps Full Guide using Genymotion


As of now, you can follow two different ways in which you can install Clash of Clans on Mac OS X and play it easily:

1. Install Windows with Boot Camp and Then Bluestacks on Mac OS X

The first way is to install Windows with apple’s built in bootcamp feature. Boot Camp will install Windows with a double-boot configuration. Both the operating systems will be there but you can use only one of them at a time. Once windows is installed, switch to windows, install Bluestacks and start using Bluestacks. Install Google play and install Clash of Clans.

A full detailed walk through on how to install windows on your Mac and how to install Bluestacks on it will be explained in my next article. For now, we will concentrate on the second best alternative available to you which is much easier and will not eat up your available hard disk space which is:

2. Using Virtual Box and Genymotion to Install Clash of Clans on Mac OS X

This is probably the best and an easy to follow step-by-step guide on how to play Clash of Clans on your Mac OS X using Genymotion. So here goes the steps that you need to take in order to successfully install Virtual Box then Genymotion, Google Play and then finally Clash of Clans to start playing COC on any Mac OS X:

Step Number 1: Get Genymotion:

Download Genymotion from this location: or Click Here to download it.

Step Number 2: Get Virtual box for Mac OS X

Download Virtual Box for Mac from this location: or Click Here to download it.

Step Number 3: Get Google Play

Download and keep Google Play form this location: Click Here to Download it (do not unzip it or extract it).

Step Number 4: Get Genymotion (ARM Translation)

Download Genymotion (ARM Translation): Click Here to Download it (do not unzip or extract it).

Step Number 5: Install Genymotion and Virtual Box on your Mac

Successfully install both the applications on your Mac OS X.

Step Number 6: Open Genymotion

Open Genymotion and click the add button to add a now device. From the available virtual devices choose “Samsung Galaxy S4” (it is highly recommended to choose this device). Device Mode will be “All” and the Android Version will be “4.3”. Your screen should look like this one below:

How to Play Clash of Clans on Mac - Installation Guide - Genymotion Window


Step Number 7: Open Virtual Box

Although this step may bot be necessary, it is important for the smooth functioning of the game. On some Mac PCs, however, the setting will be as we need them. Just to be sure, Open the Virtual Box, In the Oracle VM Virtual Box Manager, go to Settings–>System–>Display and if not already at 128Mb, set the video memory to a maximum of 128 Mb.

Step Number 8: Under the Genymotion Window Run the Phone

Click the “Run Selected Device Button” (as you have created only one device, you should only have one device displaying. You may also perform this operation through the keyboard short cut: Ctrl+L 

Step Number 9: Install The Smart Phone

Install it like you would install any Smart Phone.

Step Number 10: Drop your Genymotion ARM Translation to your Genymotion (Home) Screen

The file which you had downloaded in step number 4 above is the Genymotion ARM Translation file which you should click and drag and drop it on to the main screen of your Genymotion software. Once you do that, you will get a pop-up confirmation. Just click the “OK” button to confirm and proceed.

Step Number 11: You need to install “ROM Toolbox Pro” on the new device you have just created.

For this, search for “ROM Tool Box Pro APK” in any search engine (Google is preferred). Download the APK file you find and drag it on to your device and drop it on the device. This will install ROM tool box pro on to the new device you have just created.

Step Number 12: Open Your Device and Go to ROM Toolbox Pro

Here all you have to do is to ensure that ROM starts working on your newly created device, for this under the settings, you will have to reboot the device once. The below image displays the options that you will be provided with:

How to Play Clash of Clans on Mac


Step Number 13: Open Your Device and Go to ROM Toolbox Pro

After the reboot is done, drag and drop the file you have downloaded in step number 3 above on to the device screen in Genymotion home screen. This will help install and smoothly use Google Play on the new device you have just created. Oh yes, there will be a pop-up to take conformation, just click “OK” to proceed and once again reboot your device.

That’s it, you are done with the installation and now you can start your device, start google play in the device and download and install Clash of Clans on the device. Enjoy and Happy Clashing!

Keys and Shortcuts to play Clash of Clans through the Keyboard

While playing the game in your Mac and Mac OS X, specially of your Mac is not touch screen, you may require to use your keyword shortcuts to perform various usual functions. Thus, for your convenience, I am providing below the keyboard keys that you can use to perform regular game functions well:

How to Zoom In and Zoom Out

Keep Pressed Command button and left click  + Move the mouse to the Left to “Zoom In”
Keep Pressed Command button and Left click + Move the mouse to the Right to” Zoom Out”

How to Enter Full Screen Through Keyboard

Press Ctrl + Fn + F11

Enjoy Clash of Clans on your Mac OS X

By following the above guide or walk through 13 simple steps, you can flawlessly install the game on your Mac. This walk thorough or guide is working at the time this article is written, although all efforts will be made by me to ensure to update the walk through from time to time as things may change, any suggestions or corrections at any point of time form my blog readers will be immediately addressed and highly appreciated.

If you face any problems in this installation or if you find any errors and or omissions herein, I will request you to kindly bring it to my notice at the earliest (by posting a comment in the comments section below).

A Note of Caution:

Playing Clash of Clans Uaing 3rd party software is against the terms of use of Supercell, please do not make videos of clash of clans using genymotion or any other third party software. You may not be able to seek support about genymotion so use genymotion at your own risk!

Hope you guys have installed clash of clans on IOS and are enjoying it. Do post your comments and questions if any in the comments section and happy clashing!

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