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The Sure Shot Way to Get Free Gems

The Clash of Clans game is designed in such a way that if you play it properly you can get a minimum of 42 gems every week! This is no trick or hack! All you have to do is to follow some basic steps and you can ensure that you will get 42 – 80 gems per week.


2 Effective Strategies to Follow:

The simplest and sure shot way to get a minimum 42 gems every week is to just remove the obstacles that spawn regularly. You may come online daily and remove 3 obstacles (that spawn every day) if you have a free builder. Or for people like me who like to keep their builders occupied all the time, you can schedule the obstacles removal to a weekly basis. If, you decide to do it on a weekly basis, there are some basic steps and things you need to consider.

Either Keep Removing Obstacles Every Day or

One way is to ensure to keep removing spawned obstacles every day or every other day (depending on your builders and their availability). This helps clearing out the empty space where other obstacles can then generate and the process keeps going on.

For people with low level of defenses and when upgrading does not take more than 2 days, this strategy is perfect. However, as your move up (TH8 and higher) the upgrading take an average 4-7 days, then, it is not always possible to follow this, and due to more units of buildings, lesser empty space is available for obstacles to spawn. Thus you need a strategy to follow in order to ensure that there is enough empty space available for obstacles or you do frequent obstacle removals.

Ensure Sufficient Empty Space to Allow Obstacle Spawning

If like me you decide to remove obstacles every week, you need sufficient empty spaces to accommodate 21-25 spawned obstacles. And, if there isn’t sufficient empty space, obstacles may not spawn at all.  This is where your base design plays an important role in allowing spawning of so many obstacles.  Specially of you are an infrequent player who visits the game only once a week because your clan goes for war only once a week or because you are busy with your work or your studies. Ensure to have a base design which provides enough empty space around it to allow more than 25 obstacles.

Base Design to Allow Maximum Obstacles Spawning

If you are following the second strategy, then you will need a base design that will assist accommodating around 25 obstacles easily. I am a town hall 9 player of clash of clans, and I know it is important that for TH9 and TH10 players as there are too many buildings to accommodate and a base design which covers the entire base may hamper the generation of obstacles. Thus, for the convenience of those who do not want to come up with a base design that is a farming base which helps protect resources and also allows the spawning of so many obstacles without loosing obstacle spawns, I have designed a base design which will help you.

One more thing, If like me you like to keep decorations and flags etc., now is time to sell them off. Keep your decoration to the minimum as they will not allow the spawning of new obstacles in the areas that they are place.

Just copy the base design below into your base:

TH9 base design to allow maximum obstacles spawning

Has this Base Design Worked for You?

Please comment below into the comments section if this base design has helped you in saving your loot against looters and also how it has helped in allowing the spawning of new obstacles. If you have a base design which has worked well for you and allows the spawning of 25 plus obstacles per week, please post the design in the comments section in order to assist other mgyans community users.

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