Gem Tips – Keep Your Calm and Save Them

How to use gems and when not to use them - Gem usage guide.


Don’t Use Gems for Regular Tasks

There are 2 main ways to earn gems in Clash of Clans.
1. By competing Achevements – Completing each achievement has a gem reward associated with it. The bigger the achievement, the higher is the gem reward.
2. By Clearning Obstacles – Obstacles like the trees, bushes, trunks keep spawning from time to time. They hold random gems amounts in them. When you remove an obstacle, you get the gem reward associated with that obstacle. Ranging from 0 to 6 gems, each obstacle provides random gems. Gem boxes also keep spawning from time to time and provide 25 gems.

However, there is always an urge to complete upgrades or tasks if you have gens in store. The problem is the time the upgrade takes and we do not like to wait. The urge is alomost unsatiable. And 9 out of 10 times we give in. We do not like waiting or coming back after a while. Continuity and the need to progress fast create this urge. Simply put we do not like to wait.

Keep Calm and Don’t Cave in to the Urge

The main problem with any war strategy game is the higher the upgrades the more resources and time they will take. Keeping this in mind it is always netter to save the gems now and use them in future upgrades where the need is more crucial. Don’t be hasty and don’t cake in for the urge. Be patient and know this that there will be a better time in the future where the use of gems will be better than now. Take time out while urgated happen. Do simple things like watch videos of your interest on, Chat with friends on facebook, play other games or better still go for a walk.

Do not Waste Your Gems for Routine Tasks

Since gem are the most scarce and costly resource in the game, it is best not to waste them in routine tasks like:
1. Production of troops and Spells.
2. Completing small upgrades (up to 1 day) It’s always better to leave the game for 1 day and come back later.

By just following this simple gems use guide, you can save up gems to get your 3rd Builder, 4th Builder and 5th Builder in due course of the game. Just keep one thing in mind always: you are going to play this game for a while now and rushing small upgrades with the use of gems will not help you collect the gems required to get additional builders.

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