First Sneak Peek – winter 2014 (Christmas) Update – COC

First sneak Peek on Facebook – winter 2014 (Christmas) Update – COC

Clash of Cland - Sneak Peek number 1 - Christmas (winter) 2014 UpdateWhile waiting for details of the COC Christmas 2014 update, and rumors and feature request going around on twitter and Facebook, as predicted by me in “The Most Likely Dates for Christmas 2014 update“, we got the official information that the sneak peeks will be rolled out very shortly.


This was then followed by the release of the First Sneak Peek on Facebook today. As expected, this first rollout is about the Christmas trees. And this year around, we can expect them to be magic christmas trees which grow presents.

Sneak Peek Number 1: Christmas (Winter) 2014 Update

Clash of Clans - Winter 2014 (Christmas) Sneek Peek no. 1

What the clash of clan Facebook page says:

“If you see these magical trees, don’t cut them just yet – are they growing presents?”

with a video which shows gifts spawning around the tree. When the gifts are clicked on it explodes giving you 5,000 elixir each. You don’t need a free builder to click on the gifts to gain the 5,000 elixir.

What is not clear is how many gifts each tree may spawn. We are guessing that the spawning will continue till the end of the season: i.e., till Christmas season ends. Another thing that is not clear is how many such trees will you get! will we get more than one? or, is the tree count restricted to one per base? What happens if we remove the tree? Like last year, will we get rewarded with 75,000 Gold? If we remove the tree, will we get another tree?

Well, this is just a teaser, the complete sneak peek would be out by 10th December which will provide more details about this sneak peek teaser along with other features of the winter 2014 update. Till then, if you are interested in knowing what we can expect in the winter (Christmas) 2014 update of Clash of Clans do stay tuned.

So, keep tune in to my blog to get latest and up-to-date happenings on the clash of Clans Winter 2014 (Christmas) Update.

First Sneak Peek – winter 2014 (Christmas) Update – Clash of Clans
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Happy Clashing!

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