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Which Troops To Upgrade At TH9 for Farming

Which Troops To Upgrade At TH9 for Farming - Clash of ClansIf you are following my previous article: Effective Farming At TH9 (Troops to Use)  you may be aware of which troops I have recommended to use while farming at Town Hall 9. If you have read the full article, you must be aware why I recommend these troops and the logic behind using them against other troops in farming (getting loot) at TH9. Since, this is a follow up article to the the effective farming troops article, I will take you to the second most important step: Quickly and on priority; upgrade your Farming Troops.


For the convenience of those who have not read my previous article on effective farming at TH9, it is sufficient to stat what troops combination and quantities we will be using in order to gain loot at TH9. We will go with a combination of 3 cheapest and least time consuming (to produce) troops namely: The Barbarian (95) The Archer (95) and the Minions (30). This is of-course assuming you have already upgraded your Army Camps and your Clan Castle. I call this troops combination the BArMi.

In order to improve the amount of loot we can take away form the opponents, we need to upgrade our troops. Since we are following a particular troop combination, it is but natural that we will have to go with that combination and upgrade our troops in the order of importance that they deserve. Thus, here is the order which we need to follow while upgrading the farming troops:

Upgrading The Barbarian First

Upgrade Your Barbarian to Level 6At TH9 the maximum level of Barbarians is level 6, if you have not already upgraded your barbarians to level 5 at TH8, it is time you first upgrade the Barbarians. Since in our BArMi raids, the Barbarians are used as a damage absorbing or damage tanking unit, it’s very important to have the highest available level of Barbarians so that they can both: Sustain of longer and; Inflict Maximum damage before getting killed.

At Level 4, the Barbarian has a total hit points (life) of 78 and the damage per second is 18. At level 5, this goes higher hit points (life) 95 and damage per second to 23. However, best figures and what we are looking for is level 6 Barbarians which have a Hit Point (life) 110 and damage per second 26.

Compared to both the Archer and the Minions, the hit points are very much on the higher side and thus the barbarians can be used as shields for the Archers and the Minions. While the Barbarians take the maximum hit in front, the Archers and The Minions can attack from behind them (without themselves being damaged).

Upgrading The Archer

Upgrade Your Archers to Level 6

Once you have upgraded your Barbarians to level 6, you can either upgrade your Archers or your Minions (in no particular order). Upgrading the Archers will help improve the hit points and well as damage they can inflict. The highest level of Archers available to us on level 9 Town Hall is level 6. With the highest level Archers, for almost all attacks that you on TH8s and evenly spread out TH9s, rest assured of a 1 star victory. This victory is your ticket to getting the Multiplayer League Loot Bonus.

At Level 4, the Archer comes with a total of 33 hit points and a damage per second of 16. So, if you have not already upgraded your archers to level 5 when you were at TH8, it is time you do it immediately. At level 5, the archers come with hit points of 40 and a damage per second of 20. This is a 25% jump in the damage per second. Further, at level 6, both the hit points and the damage per second gets increased by 10% each to: hit points at 44 and damage per second at 22.

Although the damage per second may not seem to look too high, the archers are mostly shielded by the barbarians in the front, barbarians take the damage and the archers, utilize the extra time they get before they get eliminated to provide the much needed ranged damage to the base.

Upgrading the Minions

Upgrade Your Minions to Level 5

The Minion is at higher levels is a very effective troop to have. The irony is that many people don’t use it well enough. Specially, undeveloped or under developed Minions are not that effective and thus they are ignored. You get the Minion as the first Dark Elixir troop when you build your first Dark Barrack. Many people upgrade them to level 2 or level 3 and stop. It’s because, mostly, you have more important upgrades to be done in the Laboratory.

This being the reason and since level 3 Minions are not that strong enough, people seldom use them as farming troop unit. At Level 9 Town Hall, you have 2 Dark Barracks, not creating any Dark Troops while raiding for loot (or farming as it is more commonly known) results in the wastage of the Dark Barracks and their capacity. This also results in the unusually long time you spend between raids.

Minions at level 3 have a hit point (life) of 66 and a damage per second of 42. Although the damage per second is good, due to the low hit points, the Minions tend to die faster. One ignored and under-utilized fact about the Minions is that they don’t get targeted by ground only attack buildings (the mortars, the cannons and the ground only X-Bows). Against poorly designed base, proper use of Minions is a Gold Mine in itself. Upgrading them quickly to their highest level (level 5) on Town Hall 9 could be your best added advantage for farming.

At level 4, the Minions come with 72 hit points and a damage per second of 46 and at level 5, they come with 78 hit points and a damage per second of 50. This is more than double that of Archers. However, since they do not get attacked by ground only units, they perform much better than Archers. Use them to your best advantage, hold them back for the barbarians and the archers to clear out the first two lines of buildings and look for openings in bases where they can penetrate into the base and target gold storages, elixir storages and dark elixir storages.

Upgrade Your Spell Factory & Lightening Spell

Even before you take care of the above troop upgrades, it is a very good idea to immediately upgrade your Spell Factory at TH9. Upgrading the spell factory at TH9 (level 4 spell factory) unlocks the Jump Spell and helps you store one more spell in the factory. Thus while raiding and looking to steal dark elixir, proper use of 4 lightening spells can get you 1200 dark elixir from the highest and most un-penetrable bases as well. If you have not already upgraded your lightening spell to level 5, your next priority will be to bring up your lightening spell level to level 5 in order for it to aid you in looting dark elixir faster.

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