Effective Farming at Town Hall 9 (Troops to Use) – COC

Best Farming Troops Combination – Town Hall 9

Effective Farming at Town Hall 9 (Troops to Use) – Clash of Clans


After the Halloween 2014 Update and the subsequent reduction in the amount of loot available, I have been contacted by many Clash of Clan Town Hall 9 players complaining about the loot problem and what is the best strategy / best guide to maintain getting loot. Better still, following this simple, yet effective, guide, you can actually completely eliminate the low loot problem and get best farming loot.

I have been here on Town Hall 9 for around 2 months now and after trying various troop combinations and moving around the various Leagues trying to figure out where I can get maximum loot, I figured out some tips that can help all my friends at Town Hall 9 to maximize their loot while farming in Multiplayer mode and solve the loot problem.

There are Six main aspects to looting. Six things that you need to take care of to ensure effective looting and protecting the collected loot:

1. A Troop Combination that Works

Now, in order to maximize the loot that you may be able to grab form a village, it is imperative that you use a good combination of troops that cost you the least elixir or dark elixir to produce. Further, the troops should not take too much time to produce i.e., use troops that take least time to produce. We don’t want to sit around waiting for our troops to get produced while we are doing nothing. Keeping this in mind, below is a combo that has worked for me.

Use a Group of Barbarians to tank Damage

Level 6 Barbarians cost 150 Elixir and come with 110 hit points. Within the lowest cost troop range, they are the only troop unit which comes with maximum hit points. I usually use them as front end troops which helps both tank some damage, distract defense buildings and gain outside available loot. At Town Hall 9, with maxed out Army Camps and Clan Castle, the total available army capacity is 250 troops. In a full fledged attack, generally, the ideal number of Barbarians I use is around 90 Barbarians per attack.

Follow Up The Barbarians With Archers

While your Barbarians are tanking up the damage, follow them up with ranged troops (in our case the Archers) who while staying away form the building units (at a distance of around 3.5 tiles) will start aiding the Barbarians to take down the outside layer of buildings first and then the inner second layer of buildings.  I generally use around 90 Archers as well. In most of the cases, specially while attacking Town Hall 8s and low level Town Hall 9s, the use of the Barbarians and Archer combination should help you not only get around 80 – 90% of available Gold and Elixir loot, they should also be able to get 50% damage thus the league loot bonus as well.

Finish Up with Minions, Barbarian King & Queen (if required)

In many cases, although your Barbarian and Archer troop combo may be able to obtain the loot (the available Gold and Elixir) within the outer layer of Gold and Elixir Collectors), they may not be able to gain the league loot bonus. Thus you may need to use your your remaining Minions, The Barbarian King and The Queen to finish off the attack and gain the loot bonus by ensuring 50% damage to the enemy village. A typical loot Army unit that I use for farming contains around 30-35 Minions.

Use Lightening Spells to Loot Dark Elixir

If you have not already upgraded your Spell Factory and your lightening spell, to it as soon as possible. With this kind of an army for farming, we will be using maximum available lightening spells only to collect dark elixir from unreachable dark elixir storages. If there is a good amount of Dark Elixir available for loot and if it is positioned in the Dark Elixir Storage is positioned in the centre of the base, be prepared and use your well developed lightening spells on it to loot it. In many cases, you will find dark elixir in the dark elixir collectors, however, if the available DE loot is over 2000 and it is located in the centre within the dark elixir storage, it is a good idea to loot it with lightening spells.

3 Reasons Why I Use This Combination

Lowest Cost Troops Gives Me a Bigger Range of Viable Attacks

While choosing whom to attack, we generally (within our minds) look at the available loot, estimate how much we can take away form that base, decide if attacking that base will be viable (i.e., will we sufficiently more loot than the amount we have spent in making the army). When you go with the least costing troops, you are not worried so much of trying to cover the cost of your troops (as, getting the League Win Bonus will almost cover it completely). Thus, any attack is viable. Your range of viable attacks increases dramatically. This also helps us in less searching and least cost in searching viable bases to attack.

Least Time Taken to Produce The Troops

Generally a high end troops cooking time is around 2 Hours, while the combination we use take around 20-30 minutes. So, with this combination, you can make 2 or 3 full fledged attacks in an hour.  You may choose to boost one or two Barracks to bring this cooking time even lower to around 10-15 Minutes which then gives you the capability to do 4-6 attacks per Hour. No other troop combination can allow you this and, no other troop combination will gain you so much loot per Hour.

100% Efficiency of The Barracks & Dark Barracks

Since we have included the Minions within our troop unit, we are utilizing 6 Barracks against 4 Barracks which you would use to cook up an All Elixir Army. Cooking up a BArch unit takes around 30-35 Minutes. However, that seems to be even on the higher side. While farming, you need to do back-to-back attacks, thus, you need to utilize all available Barracks or even boost some to reduce the army cooking time. Even without the use of Boost, cooking an army with around 95 Barbarians, 95 Archers and 30 Minions takes only 18 minutes to produce.  So, use all your available Barracks (including Dark Barracks) while producing troops for farming.

General Thresholds to Choose Target Loot Base

Depending on what threshold you choose as the minimum available loot in order to attack a base, the amount of loot that you take home per attack varies. In good times, specially after maintenance breaks, you can easily find bases with available loot of over 300,000 Gold and Elixir. While in normal game-play, you can set the threshold to as low as 150,000 Gold and Elixir and still manage to gain around 1 Million Gold and Elixir in 2-3 Hours.

For the sake of my future articles on this farming troop combination, I would like to name this troop combination as “BArMi”. Let’s call it the BArMi Loot Army. LOL

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