COC October 2014 – Halloween Update

Clash of Clans - Halloween 2014 October Update DetailsRecently on Halloween, Supercell came up with their October 2014 update. Many improvements and new traps and defenses with improvements for ease and better gaming experience and higher win bonuses on all leagues and in war to compensate of reduced loot availability.

This update is well timed with many non gemming players losing interest in the game will now get back to clashing. So, what are these new features of the update and how will they pan out for you as a gamer in the future? Below are the salient permanent and temporary changes and updates in the October 2014 Update. Judge for yourself how much you will benefit from them:

Permanent Feature Changes

1. Skeletons (2 Traps) Added

Skeleton Trap - COC Update October 2014

Although a minimal damage trap, this trap has the ability to distract both ground and air units alike. There is a distraction value to this trap. This trap is available at Townhall 8 and higher. Skeleton traps come with 3 levels:  level 1 skeleton traps spawn 2 skeletons each and costs 6,000 gold to re-arm; Level 2 skeleton traps spawn 3 skeletons each and costs 8,000 gold to re-arm; Level 3 skeleton traps spawn 4 skeletons and costs 10,000 gold to re-arm. The skeletons attack single targets and have no evident favorite target.

2. 4th Mortar

October 2014 - Halloween update additional 4th Mortar


If you are a townhall 8 or higher, you get an additional defense item i.e., the 4th Mortar. Although we are all familiar with a mortar and there is nothing new to be explained, addition of another mortar along with skeleton traps does help strengthen the base for defenses. So, what are you waiting for, get the additional defense items incorporated into your base and make it more secure.

3. Increased War Loot

A flat 20% higher war win bonus. Increase applies to all resources i.e., 20% higher Gold, 20% higher Elixir and 20% higher Dark Elixir! Will this help recover the high costs associated with clan wars and influence more clans to participate in war and increased war frequencies for less active clans? Only time will tell! This is good news for all active clans who are constantly participating in more than 2 clan wars in a week. Will war searches now yield better war matches and reduced war search time? Let’s see…

4. Increased league Bonus

A much awaited and quite a lenient increase in league win bonus this will definitely motivate you to keep attacking and thus keep playing the game for a longer time. Also, an increase in league bonus means you may now do lesser number of searches to find a befitting opponent and may even target opponents with lesser available loot considering the win bonus.

5. Maintenance Pause

Did you ever get frustrated at times when you just used gems to boost your barracks or spell factory and the game went into a maintenance break? This has happened to me many a times and, I would give Supercell a thumbsup for bringing this maintenance pause which we rightfully deserve. Overall, this update will help you save in on the wastage of gems.

6. One Button Resources Boost

This is more of a convenience update than anything else, now you can boost all your barracks, all gold mines  and all elixir collectors by clicking on the boost all button. Although this is an improvement and much needed one, they could also have come up with a collect all button to aid collect all gold and elixir with the press of a button. Hopefully they will implement this in their subsequent updates.

7. Clan Profile Info

More detailed information on the clan that can be updated by the clan and can be viewed by visitors both in clan search and within opponent clan information in clan wars. Definitely much better than before. Clan Location and War Frequency are 2 very good clan details that will help.

8. Player Profile update (troops info)

Included into the player profile is an “Army Section” which provides a visual one point information on the available troops for the player and their subsequent levels as well. Quite a handy update to both evaluate clan-mates’ troops and clan war opponent’s capabilities.

9. Increased war loot storage capacity

Quite a logical and much needed update along with increased war loot, war loot storage capacity needed to be increased as well. More players will not be required to position their clan castle inside in order for them to restrict the amount they will get looted.

10. Reduced Obstacles removal time

Hardly noticeable, though the obstacles removal time has been reduced, it makes little difference.

Temporary Halloween Changes

1. One Gem Spell Boost

The one Gem Spell Boost is a good giveaway for Halloween, although, many players were expecting more on Halloween, this is the least that Supercell needed to do and has done.

2. Additional recourse Obstacles

The Halloween Headstone as it is called, needs 25,000 elixir to remove it and yields 75,000 elixir, however, what we are concerned about is: how many Halloween Headstones will we get? Maybe, just one or two! Not much that has been given away in terms of Halloween in this upgrade on Halloween.

Your Opinion on COC October 2014 – Halloween Update

Now that you know what all goodies you have got in this Clash of Clan October 2014 – Halloween update, you may use post your comments, suggestions and evaluation of how the updates will pan out for you, others and COC in general. Strategies that can be applied to take full advantage of this update can also be posted by you below.

Happy Clashing!


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