COC July 2015 Update – Features & Analysis – Part 2

Level 5 Dragon and It’s Impact on TH9s & TH10s Clash of Clans June 2015 Update - Sneak Peek 1

The Level 5 Dragon was much hyped about and discussed and desired by everyone. The desire for a level 5 dragon was more fueled by the fact that even level 4 dragons at town hall 10 could not 3 star other TH10  players. As a matter of fact, they couldn’t even 3 star maxed out town hall 9s. Thus everyone desired level 5 Dragons to be more touch and sturdy so that they can at least 2 star Town Hall 10s with them. Dragon training cost and an all dragon army is very elixir costly, thus in site of spending so much elixir one could not even 2 star a town hall 10 due to the vulnerability of the level 4 dragon against maxed out x-bows and inferno towers.


The All Dragon Air Attack Army is Costly!

I will be very delighted to see level 5 dragons gain 2 stars on maxed out town hall 10s. Is it likely and possible? A well structured dragon attack army comprises of:

13 Dragons, 3 Balloons, 1 freeze spell, 2 rage and 2 heal spells.

This troop combination along with a high level Kind and Queen should be enough to 2 star a maxed out TH10 base. As we all know that Dragons move like donkeys, I am very doubtful if level 5 dragons can actually 2 star maxed out Th10 layouts. If not all the layouts, at most, it could be an option to attack TH10s in war witch have under developed air defenses and I am sure that it will be possible to gain 2 stars with them.

TH9 Against A Maxed Out Level 5 Dragon Army

The other thing can maxed out Town Hall 9s be 3 starred with the above army combination? This one seems quite likely. In the absence of Inferno Towers, it may be possible for us to 3 star TH9 layouts with level 5 dragons. Although the skill may be required to practice, with high level heros and level 5 dragons it seems very likely that many TH9 base layouts will get 3 starred easily in clan wars.

Post Your First Level 5 Dragon Attack Experience

All said and done, it seems the level 5 dragons are here to stay and although the all dragons army will be very costly, it will now be an option in order to 3 star TH9s and to 2 Star TH10s. Do post your experience with the level 5 dragon and how it fares in clan wars. You may even share your thoughts and experience in the comments section below.

July 2015 update analysis .. part 3 to follow soon!!!

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