COC Halloween Update 2014 Solves the loot problem!

Higher League Win Bonus on all levelsWhat the Clash of Clans September 2014 update did!

After the Clash of Clans September 2014 update allowing the use of elixir for walls upgrade, clash of clan players were faced with a severe reduced loot problem. Gamers were not finding loot at any league levels, specially the elixir loot vanished. Owing to this, in many cases, army costs exceeded way beyong the available loot making looting un-viable. Further, finding suitable bases to attack also became costlier as everyone stacked away elixir into their wall upgrades. Many gamers sarted complaining about this problem and brought it to the notice of Supercell.


How the COC October 2014 (Halloween) update Addressed the Loot Problem

October 2014 update solves the loot problemWhat is overwhelming is that Supercell took immediate action and added the increased war win bonus and considerable increase in League bonus on all league levels. This has considerably turned around the situation now. Now, higher loot is available and attacking opponents becomes viable considering the higher league win bonuses.

To find out more about changes in the update, read the Clash of Clan Haloween October 2014 Update.

Are you Finding Loot after the Halloween 2014 Update?

Please post your experience and comments regarding the increased league bonuses and the war loot. If you are satisfied with the increase or were you expecting more. Also share your experience:if you are getting sufficient loot easily or are you still struggling for loot.

Happy Clashing!

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