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Involving you to Improve COC

As a gamer, did you feel left out in terms of feedback and improvements that you would like to see in the next update / update in Clash of clans? Well! Supercell has realized this and has decided to get feedback from games who love the game. The survey revolves round the new features that they have added in the Halloween update and what you as a gamer think about it. They have also included an box to invite additional thoughts and feedback wherein you may even post additional features you would like to see in the upcoming updates.

Use this survey wisely as for what you may know that features or changes you suggest may actually get implemented! You may take the survey here.

COC Halloween 2014 update - Take A Survey

COC Halloween 2014 update – Take A Survey

About the Halloween 2014 Survey

Earlier no such survey or feedback was called for by Supercell, this is the step in the right direction as they will be able to get direction and insights on features that may help them improve game features that increase the gaming experience.

Although they have not indicated if the results of the survey will be published, one gets an idea that they are now keen to know what the games want and are willing to analyze and even update the game as they go along with gamers’ inputs.

Your Comments and Suggestions

Please post your comments and what you feel about the clash of clans halloween 2014 update and what features you would like to see in the future updates below. Happy Clashing!

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