Clash of Clans July 2015 Update – Sneak Peek # 5

While Supercell is at it, the sneak peek season goes on and on. Presenting herein are the features of the Clash of Clans July 2015 Update – Sneak Peek # 5. For those of us who would like to catch up with earlier sneak peeks, sneak peek #1, Sneak Peek #2, Sneak Peek #3 and Sneak Peek #4 links are at your disposal. We are all taking our own time to soak in the changes. While we are at it, here comes the July Update – Sneak Peek #5.


Introducing the Haste Spell – Another Dark Elixir Spell

Upcoming update - June 2015 - Sneak Peek #5 - The haste spell.

Just like the rage spell, only this one occupies half the space and has a smaller range. Although the haste spell increases the advancement speed of the troops it does in no way improve the attacking ability. Thus, as compared to the rage spell which helps increase both the speed and the attack ability of the troops, the haste spell only works one way i.e., it increases the speed of the troops. The other difference is that the haste spell actually increases the speed of the troops much faster than the rage spell. So it can easily be used on slow troops which take too long to move or have low movement speed. Examples of troops that the haste spell will help most are Golems, Giants,Pekkas, Heors and Hounds. Be prepared to see these troops run through your base. Something that was never possible earlier.

Arabic and Chinese Language Support

Along with the introduction of three dark elixir spells : the poison spell, the earthquake spell and the haste spell, supercell has decided to reward majority of their players by introducing support for various languages including Arabic and Chinese! So, now you can play the game in your own language. Off late we have noticed that Supercell is getting more customer friendly. One such example is that the dark elixir barrack along with the spells was demanded and posted on the Supercell forum in April 2014. Supercell has actually accepted the advise due to huge demand for it and implemented it in the July 2015 update. Other thing is that most of the people playing Clash of Clans hail from China and Middle-East and thus they are now supporting both the regional languages to improve the game’s acceptance.

Is this the final Sneak Peek?

Usually there are 4 sneak peeks (if we go by the earlier updates). However this time it is different, this is the fifth sneak peek. Should we be expecting more or will the update follow. If the update follows, then tomorrow will be the date the update will take place. So, this time the update event is spread over two months July for the sneak peeks and July 1st 2015 for the actual update. We are all eager to see how these changes will take play and how the game play will change. While the update is released, keep revisiting in case there are more sneak peeks. Also do keep following for more news and update on the latest in Clash of Clans and keep clashing!

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