Clash of Clans July 2015 Update – Sneak Peek 1

Clash of Clans June 2015 Update - Sneak Peek 1


Just in on Clash of Clans Facebook Page the first sneak peek of the official Clash of Clans July 2015 upcoming update. What a pretty sight!

All of us have been eagerly awaiting and wanting to know what will be the features of the July 2015 update which has been delay due to extensive testing and retesting. There was even a maintenance break which was rumored to have been created in order to do intermediary testing of the new features of the game in order to finalize what will and will not be included in the July 2015 update.

Finally the first sneak peek is out and the level 5 dragon looks quite fierce. With fire surrounding all over the image, the level 5 dragon takes the theme from the level 3 hound in terms of color.

So, what can we expect with the level 5 dragon? will it be something that will help completely annihilate Town Hall 10s?? What will be the increase in health and the increase in fire power of the dragon? One thing is certain, the dragon upgrade will cost a total of 8 Million elixir. This we can say with certainty, because the dragon (level 4) costs 8 Million elixir already. So, logically speaking the upgrade cost of the Dragon to Level 4 will be reduced to around 7 Million elixir and the new level 5 Dragon will cost 8 Million.

Keep tuned in to find out about the other statistics of the level 5 Dragon including:

  • The Damage Per Second of Level 5 Dragons,
  • Hit Points of Level 5 Dragons,
  • Training Cost of Level 5 Dragons and,
  • The Actual Upgrade Cost to Level 5 Dragons.

Also included is an additional air sweeper at town hall 9 and a also a new training button that can help you train troops together without opening each barrack. Something like a train all button to make troops training easier.

My guess is that this air sweeper will help town hall 9 players to defend well against level 5 dragons. Also, this additional air will assist town hall 10 players to fend off level 5 dragon attacks. Let’s see!

Personally, I never use dragons at Town Hall 10 I have not even upgraded them to level 4 as I see my other clan mates suffer with them (specially in clan wars). But, if the hit points are considerably higher and if there some improvement in their movement and targeting, then I am sure level 5 Dragons will come in play! Personally I feel that the level 5 dragons will give you an option to 2 star Town Hall 10s in clan wars. However they will be elixir costly!

Please post your comments and what you think about this sneak peek. Next sneak peek (July 2015 upcoming update sneak peek #2) will be released tomorrow. So, keep tuned in to find out latest update information and news and keep clashing!

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