Clash of Clans Happy New Year 2015 1 Gem Boost Update

Boost all Resource Collectors, Barbarian King, Archer Queen and Barracks for 1 Gem - 2015 gift form Clash of Clans

Boost All Resource Collectors including the Dark Elixir Drill, The Barracks and the Heroes for 1 Gem this new years 2015


A New Year’s Gift form Clash of Clans – 2015

Just in another Clash of Clans update as a gift to all the people playing the game. You can now boost all resource collectors including the Barracks, the spell factory and the Heroes (both the Barbarian King and the Archer Queen). The previous 1 Gem boost is taken forward into the new year by adding the gold mines and the dark elixir drills to the 1 gem boost.

This comes as a good relief for all of us who were unable to find loot while raiding. For a short while though (probably through to the end of the new years season), now you will be able to find good loot while raiding. This new 1 gem boost update helps us both train our troops faster by boosting the barracks and also boost our resource collectors to gather resources faster (which are needed so much for upgrading our buildings & units). Not only that, now, we will be able to find good loot till this update lasts.

Take Full Advantage of this 1 Gem Boost

I am sure all of us would like to take full advantage of this 1 gem boost to help collect (both my boosting our resource collectors and by raiding and finding good loot) resources to complete the pending and most expensive upgrades that we were not able to do otherwise due to mainly poor availability of loot. We are not sure how long this 1 gem boost will last, chances are that it will be available all through the new years and well onto 7th of January 2015, so take full advantage of this 1 gem boost and start using all available 1 gem boosts to maximize the benefit of the update.

What do you think of this 1 Gem Boost?

The maintenance break is over and you can start using the 1 gem boost. Do post your valuable comments and inputs on how you will be utilizing this one gen boost and what you think about it. Also do come back for more news and updates on Clash of Clans from time to time. Cheers and happy Clashing!


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