COC Christmas 2014 Update – Sneak Peek No. 4 – Level 7 Giants

Clash of Clans Christmas 2014 Update-Sneak Peek 4 Level 7 Giants


 Level 7 Giants will be Introduced!

In this 4th Sneak Peek of Clash of Clans Christmas 2014 Update, the Level 7 Giant is introduced. A royal looking giant with a robe and a fully grown golden brown beard. With heaver hands & strong knuckle dusters, to inflict strong blows to both enemy troops and buildings. Apart from the visual changes, more importantly, we are interested in the stats and upgrade costs so that we can decide if it is worthy of an upgrade!

Level 7 Giants Upgrade Cost, Time and Other Stats

Clash of Clans Level 7 Giants Upgrade costs and stats

An around 16% increase in Damage Per Second, Hit Points (health) and Training Cost and 7 million elixir to upgrade the Giants from level 6 to level 7. The upgrade time is set to 14 Days. I would say quite a reasonable upgrade which will help in both farming and in clan wars. This introduction of Level 7 Giants balances out the extra damage that faster higher level Archer Towers will inflict.

Level 7 Giants in Army Camp

If you are a Town Hall 9 and have still not upgraded your Giants to Level 6, I would suggest you to hold on to your guns, wait for this Upgrade to come in as, once that happens, chances are that the upgrade to Level 6 Giants which currently costs 6 Million Elixir may go down. However this is just a guess and it may not actually happen as it did not happen when Level 7 Barbarians and Level 7 Archers were introduced.

A Closer Look at the Level 7 Giants

Level 7 Giants - Closeup

Level 7 Giant Close up Look

Level 7 Giants in Action

Level 7 Giant in action attacking a Cannon

Here are two close ups of the level 7 giants in action, the first one is a frontal close up of the level 7 Giant while he is receiving healing from the Healer. The second one is when he is in action attacking a Cannon to annihilate it.

There is an additional attack action introduced to the Level 7 Giant where he swings both his hands to inflict maximum damage to buildings.

Hero Health Meter & Flashing Hero Icon on Low Health

Another new feature addition in the Christmas 2014 Update of Clash of Clans is the flashing of the hero icons when their health goes down. At the right time and when your hero is low on health in battle attacks, the icon will flash, getting your attention, so that you can activate the hero’s ability and get the health boost in time.

Sneak peek (Christmas 2014) Clash of Clans Update – Final Notes

It seems that almost all the update features have been covered by the 4 sneak peeks introduced by Clash of Clans on Facebook, we are glad to accept the new features and changes that should take effect on or before 16th December 2014. We are yet to see how these changes and modifications to this game will impact the game play in both the farming mode and the clan war mode of the game and how the game will pan out in the future. I personally would like to give a thumbs up to them as these new features will make the game more user friendly!

If you would to share your thoughts, please use the comments section below. Happy Clashing!

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