As a beginner, you need not be concerned about clan wars, however, once you rebuild your clan castle, you get the rights to join or create a clan and that is when you will have a lot of questions in relation to clans and clan wars. Here you will find answers to the most frequent questions that will come to mind in relation with clans wars. Although here you may not find answers to all of your clan war questions, the most frequent and common questions will be answered herein.

The most basic things that come to mind in relation to clan wars things like information / clarification on the facts about clan wars can be grouped into “Basic Information” section this section will only house bare minimum information required to know before you can start participating in clan wars.

Basic Information on Clans and Clan Castles

What is a Clan?

Wikepedia defines a Clan as:

A clan is a group of people united by actual or perceived kinship and descent. Even if lineage details are unknown, clan members may be organized around a founding member or apical ancestor.

The above definition is a general definition for a Clan. In relation to Clash of Clans, there is no generic definition available online. I will set out to define Clans in terms of Clash of Clans below:

A Clan is a group of people who come together to form a team that helps grow each other. People in a clan can chat with each other, know each other better, work as a team toward the growth and improvement of each other within the group called a clan. Clan mates can donate troops to each other within the clan. Share attack and defense replays and garner suggestions and help from each other in terms of how they can improve their game play and their base design layouts. Clans can compete with each other to show their attacking and defense expertise in something called a clan war. The clan war concept is what makes clans interesting.

What is a Clan Castle?

An Image of a Typical Clan Castle

Above is an image of a Clan Castle.

A Clan Castle As shown in the image is building that you need to create or join a clan. It provides space to hold both tropps and clan war loot. Clan castle troops help in both attack and defense. While attacking clan castle troops can be added to your army to provide an extra imetus to the attack. While, holding troops in the clan castle helps protect the base while you are away. Clan castle troops act as a defense army which releases when someone attacks your base.

When someone joins a clan, they can request tropps (reinforcement). The troops request along with comments (you may type in details of what troops you require) shows in the clan chat window. Other players can donate a maximum of 5 number of troops to any request that is pending action in the clan chat window.

The clan chat window is also used to get familiarized with other clan mates and members. Thus the clan chat window is useful in both requesting and donating troops and chatting in general.

What is a Clan War?