A Screen shot of a typical clan war to explain what a clan war is.

What is a Clan War?

Simply put, a clan war is  match-up between 2 similar strengths (level) clans. It’s arguably one of the best features of Clash of Clans which makes the game so popular among us all. The clan war helps clans show how mighty their respective clans are in both attack and defense. A clan war is a random match-up between 2 clans and both the clans competing in the war are chosen automatically by the game’s bots. Clans and clan mates do not have any kind of control on who they will be matched up against in clan wars.

More Information on Clans

Before I explain the clan wars concept, it is important to understand clans. Clans comprise of clan mates or clan members. Each clan has 1 Leader who is the driving force or to be precise the guiding force for the clan. He/She recruits members and ensures members are groomed and provided tasks to help speedy growth of the clan into a mighty clan. Leaders can promote, demote, kick, recruit and accept members within the clan. Clans have 3 main positions: Leader, Co-Leader and Elder. A clan has only one leader, however it can have any number of co-leaders and elders. The clan position are provided in order for the Leader to better organize the clan and manage it.

Requirement to Meet to Begin A War

By Clicking on the Clan War Button A Leader or a Co-Leader can start Clan War Opponent Matching Search.Once clan reaches 10 members or clan mates, you can participate in clan wars by clicking on the clan war button placed right above the message button on the bottom right corner of your game screen. Only Leaders and Co-Leaders can pursue war search. Once you click on the war button, you are taken to a war search screen and the clash of clans clan war match-up bot starts searching for a befitting opponent clan for you. If your clan contains 10 members the bot will find an equal strength opposite clan with 10 members only. Thus this is a kind of a 1 to 1 match up. Each clan can house a maximum of 50 clan mates. Clan war denominations however start with 10 and in multiples of 5 each. i.e., if your clan has 15 members then the bot will find an opponent clan with 15 members only. So on and so forth it goes for 20, 25, 30, 35, 40, 45 and 50 members.

 How Do Clan Wars Work?