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21 Tips Clashers Should Follow For Farming

21 Tips any Clasher Should Follow while Farming (TH7 and Above) 1. Keep Your Barracks and Spell Factory busy at all times: Something that is called optimum utilization of the time you spend with the game! In order to make your farming effective and

No 1 Tip to Amass Resources in Clash of Clans

At Town Hall 9 and Town Hall 10, it’s quite difficult to amass resources. Often, there is lack of available loot and we all need to do too many attack searches before we find befitting and eligible farming bases of our choice! This begs

New Town Hall 10 Looting Tips

Finding and more importantly gaining the available loot at Town Hall 10 is quite a task. Hardly anyone who is at town hall 10 will say that they can find loot easily. Owing to various clash of clans game settings and formulas that drive

Best Cannons Placement Tips and Guide – Clash of Clans

Cannons & Cannon Placement Guide to build Clash of Clans Layouts We are all familiar with Cannons in Clash of Clans. The are one of the basic defense buildings that you get right from the beginning of the game at Town hall 1. Cannons

6 Advanced Farming Tips for Higher Level Town Halls – Clash of Clans

All of us do farming be it for Gold, Elixir or Dark Elixir. Over time we have developed a method for farming that suits our style of playing the game. I myself had developed a method of farming which fetched me a good amounts

Country Wise Level 6 Clan List – Clash of Clans

Wondering which clan to join, after the Feb 2015 update it is quite clear that higher level clans and the members therein will enjoy higher and more benefits. So, wouldn’t you like to be part of such high level clans which will help you perform

Take Full Advantage of “The Special Troop Event!”

First time in many months, Supercell has decided to reward us clashers with a special troop event today: 11th May 2015. For a limited time, the cost and training times for both the hog rider and the Balloons have been halved. You can find

Xmodgames does not work with Android 5.0.1 LolliPop Yet

Although Xmodgames is arguably the best tool for Clash of Clans, they have still not been able to figure out how to make it work with Android 5.0.1. I had very recently upgraded my device android operating system form 4.4.4 (KitKat) to Android 5.0.1

Rooting Samsung Galaxy Ace

Before you proceed to root your Samsung Galaxy Ace so that you can install xmodgames in it, may I suggest strongly to visit our previous blog: How to Root Any Android Device for Xmodgames. Read carefully on what rooting is and why you need

How to Root Any Andriod Device for Xmodgames

Welcome to’s special mobile device tutorial in how to root most android devices. Here in this and linked articles you will learn how to root any Android device. If you are unable to see your device in the below list or are unable

On What Should We Spend Gems – Best Tips

The Gemming Guide & Tips – Clash of Clans Gems are one of the most scarce resource in the game – Clash of Clans. Not only are they scarce, they also cost a lot when we purchase them. I recently purchased a “Chest of

Gem Tips – Keep Your Calm and Save Them

Don’t Use Gems for Regular Tasks There are 2 main ways to earn gems in Clash of Clans. 1. By competing Achevements – Completing each achievement has a gem reward associated with it. The bigger the achievement, the higher is the gem reward. 2. By

Rage Spell Details & Upgrade Progression Guide

At each higher level of the rage spell, the improvement in speed and the damage rendered of friendly troops increases. Rage spells are known to be particularly effective when they are applied on high HP groups of troops and closer to a herd of compactly

An Introduction to the Rage Spell – Clash of Clans

The English dictionary defines “Rage” as “a fit of ill temper” or “violent uncontrollable anger“. Well within the context, the developers of Clash of Clans have created this spell which definitely provides your attacking troops (on whom the spell is applied) with both ill

10 Tips for Farming in Clash of Clans

Farming is a must in order to get a lot of loot which can then be used to upgrade both your buildings and your armies. As your town hall level increases and your troop level increases, it becomes costlier to both searching for loot

How to Install and Play Clash of Clans on Mac OS X

As of now, you can follow two different ways in which you can install Clash of Clans on Mac OS X and play it easily: 1. Install Windows with Boot Camp and Then Bluestacks on Mac OS X The first way is to install

Mastering the use of Lightning Spell

  We are all familiar with the lightning spell and how to use it. In this article, however, I am going to cover some tips and tricks which you can use to improve the use of the lightning spells and gain a competitive edge

Protect Resources TH6 – Tips & Guide – COC

Whom to Defend Against? At town hall level 6, it’s tricky situation, you do not have high end defense buildings which can help protect your available loot form people who come to loot. Moreover, you can expect to get attacked by strong armies of

League or Trophy Range for Farming At TH9 – COC

Irrespective of what troops you may use for farming, in this article I will try to answer the key question which every player at Town Hall 9 is faced with while farming. Where can you find the maximum of Gold, Elixir and Dark Elixir

Effective Farming at Town Hall 9 (Troops Upgrade Order) – COC

Which Troops To Upgrade At TH9 for Farming If you are following my previous article: Effective Farming At TH9 (Troops to Use)  you may be aware of which troops I have recommended to use while farming at Town Hall 9. If you have read the full