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Top 10 Town Hall 5 War Base Layouts

Having reached at Town Hall 5, you must have just got introduced to the Clan Wars concept. Now is the time you upgrade your clan castle and join a suitable clan and start participating in clan wars. So, there is some amount of information that

Top 3 Breathtaking TH8 War Base Layouts

While we are trying to bring to you better and better layout designs all the time, here is a collection of three breathtaking TH8 war base layouts that you will love. Not only are these base designs good looking, they are most effective in

Town Hall 8 War Base of the Month | May 2015 (with Air Sweeper)

Air sweeper is a rather new introduction in buildings in Clash of Clans. With the introduction of the “Air Sweeper”, we all need to adapt our base layouts by including them. While including the air sweeper into your current base design is simpler and

3 Effective TH8 War Base Layouts with Air Sweeper

With the introduction of the “Air Sweeper” in the April 2015 update of Clash of Clans, all us are wondering how and where to place the new building in our current layouts. Pressed against time, if you are unable to create a design that

Top 3 Strongest TH8 war base Designs (Anti-Dragon) April 2015

From time to time I have been including anti-dragon town hall 8 clan war base design layouts on The purpose of including this article is to provide fresh and effective i.e., strongest anti-dragon town hall 8 layouts which you can include in your

Top 3 Well Structured Settlements TH6 Base Designs

What do I mean by “Well Structured Settlements”? When you start building any farming, trophy saving, trophy push or resource saving base design, it is very important to arrange and organize available buildings in such a way that attacking armies are delayed or distracted

20 Town Hall 9 Base Designs March 2015

One Place for Town Hall 9 Base Designs Quit looking for Town Hall 9 base designs. Mgyans is your Insurance to get the best: war base, trophy push base, farming base and hybrid TH9 designs. Here is a collection of the best and most

Spark Notes User Posts 3 TH7 War Base Layouts

A “Spark Notes” follower posted 3 Town hall 7 War Base Designs which I have included in this post. As a matter of fact due to so many base design submissions, I could only include these layouts (from the spark notes user: Garry Round)

TH9 War Base Layout 3 – Deceiving Design

The purpose of a deceiving design is to lure an attacker into attacking and getting shocked with perfect placement of invisible weaponry and traps to inflict maximum damages. The entire defense building layout is such that there is no way an attacker will perceive

Top 3 Strongest TH9 War Base Designs

I have been receiving many requests to post the best and the strongest clan war base designs of Town Hall Nine which you can use in clan wars to defend stars. After drilling down more than 200 likely designs, I am presenting herewith my selected

TH10 War Base # 4 | An Unrelenting Layout

  Why I call this TH10 War Base Unrelenting If you are looking for a TH10 clan war base design that is simple yet unrelenting, look no further. The above layout simply works well because most attackers choose to start their attack from the

TH10 War Base #3 | A Resolute Layout

Striving to create a resolute TH10 War Base that will survive almost any kind of army combination attack, here is a base design which does exactly that. This resolute TH10 war base will almost always defend well in clan wars and give you that

TH10 War Base #2 | An Enduring Layout

Are you on the lookout for an enduring TH10 War Base? We all love to win wars for your prestige and of course, the win also brings in a good amount of loot. So, it is but natural that we are always on the

TH10 War Base #1 | A Perpetual Layout

In our quest to build better and lasting layouts that will defend well in clan wars and stand strong against all kind of attack armies, here is a town hall 10 war base design. This base is designed to withstand attacks well in order

Top TH10 Farming Bases – Latest Layouts

Here is a collection of best 10 TH10 farming base layouts which include both the 4th mortar and skeleton traps. I have compiled this collection for all my friends who are at TH10 and are looking for good base designs which they can integrate into

Top 5 TH8 4 Mortar War Base of 2015

Now that the new base editor is implemented and you can save up to 3 base design for your war base, many of my blog readers are asking for new and better TH8 war Base Designs. Due to huge demand for latest and up-to-date

TH9 War Base Layout 2 Clash of Clans

An Anti Dragon / Hog / Golem / Giant TH9 War Base It took me around a week to look through TH9 bases to find the best COC TH9 4 mortars war base that will defend equally well when attacked with dragons, hogs and

Top 5 TH 6 Defense Base Designs for 2015

5 Best Town Hall 6 Defense Base Designs of 2015 Here is a collection of top 5 Town Hall 6 defense designs which you can use for your village. This collection is latest (created in 2015) and houses the best defense layouts that help

TH8 Farming Base Design Layout 1

An Anti BArch, BArMi & BArGo TH8 Farming Layout Within and around the Gold III league (around 1490 – 1500 trophies), there is a sweet spot. Here you are able to find good loot and also get attacked by armies which include both town hall

TH9 Farming Base Design Layout 1

An Anti Giants TH9 Farming Layout This farming base design is in limelight due to it’s good defense against Giants and Giant combination attacks. This layout protects the available loot well and defends the base when attacked in multi-player mode while farming. It’s not