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Latest TH10 Farming Layout (with 4 Mortars)

Owing to demand for TH10 farming base layout, here is the best Town Hall 10 farming layout to protect your available loot from attackers. This farming layout include the fourth mortar and Skeleton Traps. After the December 2014 Clash of Clans update and the introduction of level 7 Giants which will be used more often for looting, special emphasis is given to make the TH10 farming base defend well against them.

Further, due to the increased speed of arrow throwing by the Archer Towers, importance is given to position them well to protect the loot from BArch (barbarian and archers attacks) & BArMi (Barbarians, Archers and Minions) attackers. Once a base is anti Giants, the base more or less becomes an anti-hogs base as well. Importance is also given to ensure that looters with Loonian (Balloons and Minions) attacks may not be able to gain too much loot from the base owing to perfect placement of Air Defenses and Air Traps.

An Isolated Town Hall

The base design is particularly done in order to protect loot, as we are well aware that 8 out of 10 attackers are happy to gain trophies and multiplayer league win bonus and move away, we have ensured that the base design has an isolated town hall which helps protect the loot indirectly and provide a 12 hours shield in 80% of all attacks.

Strategic Positioning of Traps

Irrespective of which direction the attacker chooses to attack from, the bombs, large bombs and spring traps are well positioned to ensure best protection against even level 7 Giants. Before the attacker gets to splash damage buildings, they will be engaged with the traps and considerable damage will be inflicted on them to ensure they either get eliminated or their health gets severely depleted before reaching the splash damage buildings.

Best Positioning of Splash Damage Defense Buildings

Further, well positioned high level Tesla Towers, Wizard Towers, Mortars and Multiple targeting Inferno towers help ensure that the base is well protected from all sides against grouped attacks from Barbarians, Archers, Goblins & Minions. Central positioning of the Inferno towers ensures even groups of Giants and Dragons (if they have survived) get eliminated before looting Gold, Elixir and Dark Elixir from the storages.

Perfect Positioning of Cannons and Archer Towers

Both Cannons and Archer Towers are single target attack units. Thus, it is important that they be positioned on the outskirts or outer side of the base followed by splash damage building just behind them. This has been followed and both the archer towers and cannons have been positioned to ensure that the attacking armies are greeted by them before they can destroy more important and higher damage inflicting defense buildings.

Centrally Located Storages

Care has been taken to ensure the best and central location of all important storages to make it most difficult (if not impossible) for an attacking army to reach them. Dark elixir is the most valuable resource and the most difficult to loot. Keeping this in mind, the dark elixir storage is positioned right at the center of the base to ensure very few or no attacking armies can reach it. Further, due to an evenly protected base design, even if an attacker is able to penetrate the outer 2 rings of defensive buildings, the design helps ensure that they are only able to take a portion if the total available loot. Even when attacked with highest level troops, the attacker mostly has to satisfy with only 30-40% of the total available loot.

Best TH 10 Farming Base Designs (4 Mortars) – December 2014 – COC

Did You Like this TH10 Farming Layout?

If you liked this TH10 Farming base design, use it for yourself and share it with your friends and clan mates. If you have a base design which you have tried and tested and it has worked for you, do share a link to the screen capture of the base or alternatively email us the base design and we will include it in one of our future articles. Cheers and Happy Clashing!

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