Best Semi-Troll Farming Base TH9 (Anti All)

We all need a base design that will help us protect our precious loot from attackers. At town hall 9, it is quite difficult to amass the resources, after spending hours and hours together, we are able to loot the resources, and we do not want to lose this loot specially due to a poor base design.


Best Defense Against Most Attacks

It is understandable that if an attacker comes with highest level of troops and takes away our loot. In such a case, the attacker would have both spent time in preparing the highest level troops and spent the resources as well to get them. Such cases are far and few between and mostly in cases of revenge attacks.

Howerver, we definitely do not want someone who has lower level or cheaper troop combination to loot 100% or major part of our available loot. Thus in order to ensure that we can safeguard the available loot against most attacks, we need both a very well structured base design along with a semi troll base which helps protect loot.

The Perfect Farming Base Design – TH9

I have been on town hall 9 for around 100 days now and was searching online for a base design that would work against almost all kinds of troop combinations and would give me (if not 100%) maximum protection against being looted. Unfortunately, I could not find a suitable base. Believe me I have tried at-least 40 different farming base layouts before I decided to make and try my own base designs in order to perfect it to one which will help me defend my resources best.

Now that I am close to the perfect farming base design which I have tried and tested against most kind of attacks and attack troop combinations, I would like my fellow gamers to gain advantage of this design. You are free to copy and use this base design in your farming base layout and test it for yourself. This TH9 farming base design works well against almost all kinds of troop combinations and protects a major share of the loot well.

This TH9 Farming Base Protects DE Every Time!

More importantly and at TH9, it is so crucial to protect the dark elixir from being looted, this base design does exceedingly well in protecting the available dark elixir from being looted.9 out of 10 attacks the attacker cannot gain any dark elixir from my dark elixir storage as the attacking troops perish before reaching the DE Storage.

A Simple 3 Layers Walls Layout

Quite amazingly, I have noticed that most effective farming base designs are the ones that use a three wall layer design. A 3 wall layers design helps protect the loot against both melee troops and ranged troops as well. As against 2 wall layers, the three wall layer designs are most effective. What is interesting is, while attacking, most enemies need to break not 3 but from some directions, 4 wall layers before they can penetrate into the central part of the base to gain dark elixir. The reason is that many defenses are behind an inner wall layer that is used to segment the three layers themselves.

A Simple 3 Layers Walls Layout

How is this TH9 Farming Design A Semi-Troll?

Have a look at the town hall and around it. Notice how the Hidden Teslas Towers are positioned. Three tesla towers are just positioned to provide an invisible shield to the town hall. There are two main reasons why this is done:

1. While searching for a base to attack in multiplayer mode, when someone comes across this base, all trophy pushers will be lured into attacking. If you do not have a shield and you go offline, within minutes, you will get attacked. The teslas towers are invisible to people then they are searching for a base to attack. Only once they deploy their troops to attack and if they are in the range of the tesla towers, do the teslas get activated and become visible.

2. Also, notice how the town hall is not in the range of any defense buildings, however, the tesla towers are well within the defense range of 2 Archer Towers, 3 Cannons, 2 Air Defense Towers and 1 X-Bow! while trying to take out the town hall, the attacker will first need to take out the tesla towers and while trying to take out the tesla towers, they will be under fire from both ground and air defense buildings and they will actually be required to deploy a good share of their troops just to take out the town hall. Thus rendering their army strength a big blow and making them incapable of looting anything else! Shifting the balance of the attack in your favor and defending your resources well almost every time.

How this TH9 Farming Base Performs?

So, why not see how this base design actually performs against attacks. Below is a video replay of various attacks and various troop combinations that have been used against the base design in order to gain loot and for a trophy push alike. Do have a look at how the base performs against these attacks:

Need a detailed View of this Design

If you are satisfied with the way this base design protects the loot and would like to copy it into your farming base layouts, below is a screenshot of the complete base design, this screenshot is linked to a full screen image of the base design which you can use to view the larger design to copy it into your TH9 farming layouts.

A Semi-Troll TH9 Farming Base Layout which is an Anti-All Layout and protect well!

Latest & Most Effective TH9 Farming Layout

We all know that level 7 Giants have been introduced in the December 2014 update of Clash of Clans. It is going to be more difficult for TH9 and TH8 players to defend their available loot from TH10 players. Specially TH9 players will be bombarded with level 7 giant attack starting January 2015. So, owing to this much needed protection, do upgrade your TH9 defense buildings at your earliest and adopt a farming base design that will help you get a shield fast and help protect the available loot against almost all kinds of attack army combinations.

Hope you like the above layout and hopefully it is working as well for you as it has worked for me. I will be bringing to you more fresh farming base layouts in the month of January 2015, till then try out this design. Merry Christmas to all & happy clashing.

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