Best Cannons Placement Tips and Guide – Clash of Clans

Cannons & Cannon Placement Guide to build Clash of Clans Layouts

We are all familiar with Cannons in Clash of Clans. The are one of the basic defense buildings that you get right from the beginning of the game at Town hall 1. Cannons and cannon placement is very often taken for granted and mapping them properly in your base design is seldom given thought. If we want best results from the clash of clans layouts that we design, we need to map the placement of cannons in such a manner that they can inflict maximum damage to attacking armies, support other defense buildings and take hit or damage while other defenses take out advanced troops.

It does not matter as to what your town hall level is, cannons are basic and you need to map them effectively in order to create strong clash of clans layouts. Before I proceed to show you how and where to map your cannons, it is important to understand as to how many cannons you get at what town hall level. Below is table that shows how many cannons are available to you at what town hall level:

  • Town Hall 1-4 : 2 Cannons
  • Town Hall 5-6 : 3 Cannons
  • Town Hall 7-10 : 5-6 Cannons

For each town hall level ranges above, you will need to position your cannons differently so that they are most effective against best attack armies that will attack your clash of clans layouts. So, I will produce the most effective cannons placement maps below for the above 4 town hall ranges. You may keep these placements in mind while your design your own Clans of Clans Layout.

For TH1 to Th4 where you are provided with a maximum of only 2 cannons, the decision is quite simple and you would want to position the cannons close to: other defense buildings, resource storages and, the town hall. The idea will be to inflict maximum damage to attacking armies while they are in the process of trying to either loot resources, gain trophies or simply to annihilate you layout in war. Below there are two best options in terms of cannons placement, you may either replicate the positioning by mapping them similarly in your layouts or you may just understand how they are positioned so that any future clash of clans layout you make, you use these tips.

Town Hall 1 to 4: 2 Cannons Placement


Below are two best cannons placement maps with the town hall and resource storages. Other defenses and buildings are not included herein as depending on your town hall level, you may have different number of such buildings. What is crucial is that the cannons in both the layout maps provide a complete cannon protection cover to the town hall and the resource storages. Also, since there is empty space within the perimeter of the cannons, other defense buildings can easily be positioned therein for best results.



In both the maps above, the cannons are providing cover to the town hall and the resource storage(s). Further, as is evident from the white rage circles, there is sufficient room to position other defense buildings and normal buildings within the range of the cannons to provide protection to them as well.

Town Hall 5-6 : 3 Cannons Placement


Once you have reached town hall 5, you get an extra cannon. Your total cannon count goes to 3 cannons. Apart from 3 cannons your other defense buildings may include: 3 archer towers, one air defense, one wizard tower and a mortar. You also get additional resource storages. As is common sense, you should now try to position your all 3 cannons in such a way that on one side, the cannons should protect the town hall, on other side they should provide cover to the resource storages and finally, they should also provide protection cover to all other defense buildings. For your convenience, in the two best cannon placement layout maps below, I have included other buildings as well as walls to help you create your own (most effective) Clash of Clans Layout.


In the layout map above, at least 2 out of 3 cannons are providing defense cover to the town hall, each resource storage has cannon cover protection from at least one cannon. All defense buildings have cannon cover from 1-2 cannons each. There is some vacant cannon cover space which you can utilize to position resource collectors. If you are at town hall 6, you may have an additional wizard tower and an air sweeper. For the convenience of this article and for you to understand how to position cannons, I have provided herein layout maps if town hall 5, you may adopt them to your requirement once you have understood how to effectively use cannons.

Town Hall 7-9 : 5 Cannons Placement


At town hall 7, you get 2 additional cannons taking your cannon total to 5 and this will at five till you reach town hall 10. Thus, at town hall 7, 8 and 9 you have 5 cannons in total. Here, we are changing our cannons placement strategy. No more will the cannons be providing defense cover to the town hall. The primary and most important function of the cannons now is to provide defense cover to other defenses buildings and resource collectors and storages only. Moreover, cannons are now also useful in stopping the progress of attacking armies (ground troops only). They help take out wall breakers, archers, archers, barbarians and goblins. Thus it is but natural to position them towards the over portions of your clash of clans layout.

Although, it is very important to know perfect cannons placement on each (town hall 7, town hall 8 and town hall 9) individually. For the sake of this tutorial and since you only need to understand the placement of 5 cannons in respect to other buildings in order to create the best clash of clans layouts, we will stick with a maxed out town hall 9 and it’s available buildings. For town hall level 8 and town hall level 7, you can understand the basics and create your own clash of clans layouts. In the image below 5 cannons are perfectly positioned to:

  • Provide cannon defense shield / cover to other defense buildings,
  • Provide cannon defense cover / shield to resource collectors,
  • Provide cannon defense protection to walls from wall breakers, and
  • Finally, provide basic cannon protection cover to resource storages (if possible).


Town Hall 10 : 6 Cannons Placement

By now you know why and how cannons are positioned where they are placed at higher town hall levels starting from level 7 town hall. When it comes to placement of cannons at town hall 10, the placement schema is not much different for placing them at town hall 9. The same principals apply. The only one difference is that at town hall 10 in comparison to town hall 9 you get an additional cannon. So instead of 5 cannons, you have 6 cannons to place. All other criteria and placement mapping and the strategy is the same.

Cannons Plamement – Conclusion

One thing is clear, cannons help eliminate ground troops which include: Archers, Barbarians, Hogs, Goblins, Wall Breakers, Witches, Wizards very easily. They can provide a good amount of damage to the heros, P.E.K.K.A, Golem and Giants. Most importantly cannons help distract and damage ground troops while your splash damage buildings provide the lethal blow to attacking armies. In perfect combination with other defense buildings, cannons can provide a mighty blow to almost all kinds of ground attack armies and help defend your clash of clans base.

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