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Why are wizard towers important?

Wizard towers like any other defenses defend against ground as well as air troops, they are most effective in splash damage to archers and barbarians in general. wizard towers along with mortars create and unleash very strong splash damage to enemy troops wiping complete armies easily if positioned well within a base. Wizard towers are also particularly effective against witches and wizards as well. Thus, it is very important to position them well within a base design to take full advantage of their might. Thus below, the wizard towers placement tips.


What do Wizard Towers Protect Against?

Practically every kind of troops. And yes they deliver splash damage; i.e., they deliver damage to troops in groups, thus they are very effective against minions, archers and barbarians in general and well developed wizard towers can take out wizards, balloons, goblins, hogs and healers easily. They are most vulnerable against dragons and Pekka. While positioning them, importance is to be given to the fact that they can be well protected against these units and cause maximum damage to troops they are strong against.

Wizard Towers Placement Do’s and Don’ts

In order to properly position the wizard towers and gain maximum protection against both air and ground troops, your base design should follow the following do’s and don’ts:

What You Should Do?

1. Upgrade your wizard towers one at a time (do not put more than 1 wizard tower for update at any given time)
2. Wizard towers have relatively low HP (hit points) keep them in proximity of canons and under the cover of air defenses to ensure they survive both air and ground attacks to destroy the kind of troops they are good against.
3. Wizard towers should be well separated from each other to cover a good and important area of the base.
4. Wizard towers should be protected by a balanced air and ground attack defenses on all sides.
5. Ground and air traps including air bombs, air mines, bombs and large bombs should be such positioned that the attacking troops get damaged or destroyed before reaching the wizard towers.

What you should Not Do?

1. Do not position wizard towers to the extreme outside part of the base.
2. Do not keep wizard towers adjacent to each other or very close to air defenses (opponents may use lightening spells to destroy air defenses and may as well take out the wizard tower)
3. Don’t leave wizard towers vulnerable to ground troops. Barbs and archers are very effective against wizard towers if they can surround it and attack it.

Best Position of Wizard Towers

Depending on what level your town hall is, you may have different number of wizard towers:
At LVL 5 Town Hall : 1 Wizard Tower
At LVL 6,7 Town Hall : 2 Wizard Towers
At LVL 8 Town Hall : 3 Wizard Towers
LVL 9 + Town Hall : 4 Wizard towers

It is very important to ensure to upgrade your wizard towers to LVL 5 wizard towers as soon as you can. This ensures that the HP (hit points) of the wizard towers increases to 587 HP and they become particularly effective against most ground troops.

Ideally, wizard towers should neither be too far away from town hall nor they should be too close to it. in other words they need to be positioned well within the Goldilocks zone where they can defends archer towers and canons on the outside of the base and resource storages adjacent to them and air defenses, king, queen in the interior of the base.

Find below ideal position of the town hall along with the wizard towers, notice how each wizard tower is protecting the canons and archer towers on the outside, resources storages adjacent to it and air and other defenses on the inside.

Clash of Clans: Wizard Towers Placement Tips

Your Comments on Wizard Tower Placement Tips

Please post your comments and suggestions in how to position wizard towers in a base design and how this article has helped you in improving your base design. If you feel that any other wizard tower positioning can be better post an image snapshot of it so that our readers can benefit from it. If you like this guide do post your comments below and happy clashing!

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