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Clan Castle’s Importance in Base Design

The clan castle’s concept is to hold troops in it that will defend a base when attacked by enemy. The purpose is to destroy as many possible enemy troops so that the base is defended well and the enemy does not gain too much available loot or trophies. In war, the purpose is to the extent possible weaken the enemy’s attack in order to save in on stars that your base may give away. Ideally, not giving away any stars at all.


What is Common Now-a-Days

However, it has become a standard practice to destroy clan castle troops before releasing the full force attack while attacking bases both while gathering loot and in clan wars. Attackers generally deploy giants or even barbarians to lure out the clan castle troops away from the defenses mostly into a dark corner where they can easily take them out before deploying their main attack. Clan castle troops can very easily devastate most attacks if they survive this luring process. Thus, ensuring that it is not possible to lure out the clan castle troops is a must. So, how is this accomplished?

Position the Clan Castle closest to the centre

First and foremost, it is important to position the clan castle as close to the centre of the base as possible. Then, build your base around it by placing town hall, defenses, traps, storages, collectors, barracks, army camps, laboratory & spell factory around it. Try to make your base design as circular as possible so that it covers the range of the clan castle.

Position your Archer Towers and Canons Strategically

Here comes the most important part of making a clan castle un-lurable. Create a circular ring of defenses right at the edge of the clan castle’s range. Follow this up with a circle of walls so that even if the opponent army destroys one or two archer towers or canons they are not able to lure the CC troops out until they have deployed a major share of their army. This will help ensure that then, they cannot lure out the CC troops and take them out. To help you on how the archer towers and canons should be placed to ensure unlurable base design, please find below an example of the placement. Thus example may further be used to position other defenses and resource storages and collectors along with traps and mines in order to complete the base design.

Unlurable Clan Castle troops design - Clash of Clans

Clan Castle Placement & Your Comments

Although I have successfully created many unlurable base designs based on the above guide and I feel that this is the best possible placement for the clan castle both in clan wars and while protecting your village against loot, You may please share your experience while creating an unlurable Clan Castle troops base design. If you have created a very effective cc troops unlurable base which has worked for you, please share your base design below in the comment section in order for others to benefit from it.

If you find this clan castle placement guide helpful and you have already started using the tips above to improve the performance of your base designs in both farming and in clan wars, do post your comments and experience below. Happy Clashing!

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