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Why are Air Defenses Important?

The only defenses that can potentially take out all dragon attacks and defend your base against loot and in war alike. The air defenses only target air troops, as a matter of fact they are the only defenses that do not target ground troops at all. Thus they are vunerable to ground attack troops and should be well safeguarded against ground attackers so that they can stand tall when air trppos are deployed. If positioned properly, the air defenses will protech your base effectively against dragons in an all dragon attack and healers in a giants-healer attack.


What do Air Defenses Protect against?

Air defenses primarily defends against Dragons, Balloons, Healers, Minions and Hounds. Although hounds are deployed primarily to destroy air defenses before other air attack troops can be deployed, properly positioned air defenses along with air bombs and air mines can actually guard well against hound attacks. The whole ides of propper placement of air defenses is to ensure that the attacker’s strategy is dusrupted and that attackers cannot gain loot or trophies or stars in war! High level air defenses if positioned properly can protect well against all air attack units.

Air Defenses Do’s and Don’ts

In order to properly position the air defenses and gain maximum protection against air attacks, your base design should follow the below do and don’ts:

What you should Do?

1. Upgrade your air defenses one at a time as a priority!
2. Air defenses have low HP (hit points) position them well inside the base design and well protected against ground troops
3. Air defenses should be well separated from each other to cover a good portion of the base
4. Air defenses should be protected by a balance of both air and ground defenses.
5. Other air and ground traps should be positioned in such a way that they delay the approach of attacking troops.

What you Should Not Do?

1. Do not position the air defenses to the extreme outside part of the base
2. Do not keep air defenses adjacent to each other (Opponents may use lightening spells to destroy more than one)
3. Don’t leave air defenses vulnerable to ground troops

Best position of Air Defense Towers

Depending on your level of town hall, you may have varying number of air defenses and varying levels of air defense towers, however what is important is the position of the air defense towers in comparison the the town hall, below is an image of TH9 positioning of air defenses to best guard against air attackers. Take a notice of the distance between the air defenses and the town hall. Although this is an ideal air defense positioning guide, positioning of the air defenses may vary from different base designs.

find below the ideal positioning of the town hall along with the air defenses, notice how each air defense is protecting the town hall and how each air defense is protecting at least 2 more air defenses. This kind of a positioning of air defenses is ideal against all dragon and hound attacks. It also defends well against balloons and minions attacks.

Air Defenses placement - Clash of Clans best air defense placement in  your base design

Your Comments on Air Defense Placement Tips

You may please post your comments and suggestions in regards with the positioning of air defenses in base designs and how they have helped you defend well against air attacks.

Also, if you feel that any other air defense positioning can be better or has worked better for you, you can post the snapshot of the same for others to benefit from it. Happy Clashing!

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