What We are Expecting in the April 2015 Update of Clash of Clans? – Part 4

Clash of Clans April 2015 Update (Expected) Part-4

Two almost definitive updates that will come along the town hall 11 are level 12 walls and level 9 air defenses. Both these higher level buildings should get rolled out in the April 2015 Clash of Clans Update slated to take place somewhere at the end of April 2015. Although no art work in relation to both these buildings is released as of today, below is art work that we have produced (just to portray the buildings). As and when, the artwork or images of the buildings will be released by Supercell, I will update these images with the original ones.


Level 12 Walls at Town Hall 11

Level 12 walls at town hall 11 - Clash of ClansAt this point in time it is not clear what the hit points for level 12 walls will be. However, assuming from previous levels of walls and their upgrade hit points, we can safely assume an HP of around 8500 which should be 1500 HP higher than level 11 walls.

Considering it will become tougher for Town Hall 10 players to attack Town Hall 11 players with such strong walls, do expect level 7 Wizards and level 7 Wall at town hall 10 to help penetrate the heavy defenses.  Do expect some glow and animation on the level 12 walls which is not portrayed in the level 12 walls image on the left.

From the past experience, though, I am sure Supercell will provide a fearing and tentatively a very strong looking appearance to level 12 walls!

Level 9 Air Defense Towers

Expect Level 9 Air Defense Towers at TH11 in Clash of Clans

Here is a fearsome and mighty air defense tower that will be capable of taking out high level Hounds, Balloons and Dragons. If stats from previous levels of air defense towers are any indication, the hit points and the attack capacity of the level 9 air defense towers will be havoc creating. Don’t be surprised if any maxed out Town Hall 10 air attack army is not able to 2 star a maxed out Town Hall 11 base.

These strong air defense towers should be packed with an Hp of around 1250 and a damage potential of around 360 per hit. Upgrade costs can be expected in the range of 8.5 million Gold. I wouldn’t be surprised if instead of level 9 air defenses, at TH11 Supercell decides to provide an extra level 8 air defense tower. In any case, air defense potential of a level 11 town hall will be close to unbreakable. Let’s just wait and see what happens.

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