What We are Expecting in the April 2015 Update of Clash of Clans? – Part 3

Clash of Clans April 2015 Update (Expected) Part-3

As is customary with the introduction of a level 11 Town Hall, we can expect many upgrades in the basic buildings. Two such upgrades that we expect are both an introduction of level 7 dark elixir storage and the introduction of level 9 Army camps in this April 2015 Clash of Clans Update.


Level 7 Dark Elixir storage

Clash of Clans - Level 7 DE StorageThe maximum storage capacity of Level 6 Dark Storage is 200,000 Dark Elixir. However with the introduction of Level 11 Town Hall, a higher dark elixir storage is on the cards. Thus we are expecting a Level 7 dark elixir storage at Town Hall 10. To make things more dramatic, I am providing herein a image of how I perceive the level 7 dark elixir storage will look.

If you like the artwork, do comment below in the comments section. Also if you want to display an artwork on how you feel the level 7 dark elixir storage should look, do post a link to your design of the level 7 dark elixir storage. As is inevitable, a level 7 DE storage will be come with many other updates / upgrades which I will cover in forthcoming articles on expected April 2015 Clash of Clans Update.

Level 9 Arny Camps

Level 9 Army Camp at TH 11 - Clash of ClansAnother Update feature in expected lines with a town hall 11 would be level 9 Army Camps. As goes without saying, at a higher level of town hall, it takes more troops to combat and destroy more buildings.

Thus it is but natural that we can expect level 9 Army Camps with more troop storage capacity. As is customary, we can expect 5 more troops storage per Army Camp x 4 army camps. If we are lucky, Supercell may decide to provide an additional army camp at TH11. If that is the case, then, instead of a higher level army camp, we can expect 1 extra army camp. It all depends on the testing that they will need to do in order to calculate how many more troops will be required to do a 100% destruction of a Town Hall 11 base.

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