What We are Expecting in the April 2015 Update of Clash of Clans? – Part 2

Clash of Clans April 2015 Update (Expected) Part-2

As take this April 2015 Update expectations list forward, here are two more very likely and expected features that you can expect to see in the April 2015 Clash of Clans Update. These include both the introduction of level 7 Dark Barrack and a new defense building at Town Hall 9 called the Garrison. More details on these two features of the April 2015 update of clash of clans are provided below:


Level 7 Dark Barracks

Clash of Clans - Level 7 Dark BarrackThe introduction of the Level 4 dark barrack and also the introduction of a new dark elixir troop. Now we have seen a flying unit namely the minion, a defense attacking troop namely the hog, an air defense attacking troop namely the hound a hits soaking ground troop namely the Golem and a support troop production unit called the witch. What has been lacking is a resource storage targeting dark elixir troop.

A troop something like a goblin with affinity to resource production and storage buildings. Better still, a dark troop that targets dark elixir storage and dark elixir drills. Something that can soak up the damage and help in dark elixir farming. The possibilities are infinite. One thing is definite, to help improve the levels of the existing dark troops, most of us are expecting a level 4 dark barrack.

New Defense Building – The Garrison

A New Defense Building - The GarrisonA Garrison is some sort of a building that spawns troops (archers or barbarians) at definitive intervals (every 30 seconds) while a base is under attack. This defense building provides that extra protection (apart form the clan castle and the skeleton traps) to the base. The number of troops produced and the time it takes to produce the troops depends in the level of the building.

With the introduction of level 11 town hall, it will be important to improve the defenses for existing town hall 9s and town hall 10s. Thus the introduction of the garrison at town hall 9 will help improve the defenses at town hall 9 higher and will make way for the introduction of town hall 11.

Your Comments on Level 7 Dark Barracks and the Garrison

While more expected update features will be posted by me in my next article on “What we are expecting in the next COC Update”, if you have any comments or suggestions in relation to the level 7 dark barrack or the Garrison, please feel free to post them below. Do check out the next article which will comprise of 2 more update features expected in the next Clash of Clans April 2015 update.

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