What We are Expecting in the April 2015 Update of Clash of Clans? – Part 1

Clash of Clans April 2015 Update (Expected) Part-1

Every clash of clans player has his or her expectations in terms of what new features, troops and buildings they want to see in the next clash of clans update slated to arrive in April (around 20th April 2015). Although it will be evident when the update actually comes, we are all curious as to what are the main features of the COC April 2015 update.


If there is a leak (like it has been happening for the last 2 updates), I will be posting the leaked update details as and when it becomes public. However, here, we are more interested in what majority of the gamers expect from the April 2015 update.

This features / upgrades list below is derived from a poll wherein the most demanded for features and updates are listed below. Supercell has been very responsive to user experience and expectations and thus, we expect most the below features and upgrades to take effect in the April 2015 and future upgrades.

Top 10 Most Desired Features and Upgrades:

1. Town Hall Level 11

New Town Hall Level 11 Expected in the Clash of Clans April 2015 UpdateThis is perhaps one of the most desired upgrade that all maxed out town hall 10 players want. Contrary to what people think, even Supercell will benefit most from this update. Many town hall 10 players buy gems regularly. Supercell will benefit more if town hall 11 is introduced. If you pay an attention to past updates, there is a build-up to the introduction of Town Hall 11.

First the introduction of level 7 Barbarians and Archers, then the introduction of level 13 Archer Towers, then, the introduction of level 7 Giants and in the last upgrade the introduction of level 13 cannons. Many images of the level 11 town hall have been there on the internet, however one of them is a leaked image of the level 11 town hall. I am producing herein the image that look of the town hall 11 which is more or less approved for the update.

We all will not be surprises if level 9 Mortars and Town Hall 11 are both featured in the April 2015 Update.

2. Level 9 Mortars

Level 9 Mortars expected in the April 2015 update of clash of clansIt is but obvious that that town hall level 11, one will need better defenses thus the introduction of level 9 Mortars is imperative. Along with level 13 archer towers and level 13 Cannons, level 9 Mortars will all be clubbed together at town hall level 11.

As a matter of fact, the level 9 mortar was slated to be introduced in the February 2015 update, however it was held back for obvious reasons (to introduced it along with other major changes in the April 2015 update).

Attacked on the left is an image of the level 9 Mortar (Even the image of the mortar along with level 13 cannons was leaked last time).

Tell Us Your Ideas and Comments

Above are the top two most voted for features in the April 2015 update of Clash of Clans. If you feel something is more interesting or desirable in the next COC update, post your ideas and comments in the comments section below. I will be posting 2 more most desirable features in my next post tomorrow.

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