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Why an Anti Hogs War Base is a Must at TH9?

For those who regularly participate in clan wars in Clash of Clans, they know how often they get attacked by hogs. Level 4 or level 5 hogs do immense damage and can 3 star a war base quote easily. Hog attacks are more common at the end of the war when the clan needs 2 or 3 stars to win and if your base is not anti-hog, a single well planned hogs attack on your base can be the difference between a win or a loss for the entire clan. So, keeping this in mind, and due to heavy demand for a base that will protect against an all hogs attack and not give away more than 1 star, I am including below a time tested anti hogs war base design which has worked for me. This is a latest design which includes the 4th mortar and strategically positioned skeleton traps in order to make full use of them as well.


Not only an Anti Hogs War Base

This base in spite of being an anti hogs base primarily, also defends well against:

1. Giant Attacks

Along with being an anti hogs base design, the spring traps, giant bombs, skeleton traps are positioned in such a way that giants get completely taken out before they can destroy all the defenses. Matter of fact, the giants will not be able to penetrate to the center of the base they will go round and round and get destroyed. Further since the design is an anti clan castle troops lure design, the clan castle troops will take out the giants very easily in many cases.

2. Dragon / Balloon Attacks (Air Attacks)

The positioning of the Air defenses ensures that the townhall is well protected on all 4 sides against dragons and air attacks. Strategic positioning of the resource storages ensures that the air defenses take the dragons out before they can reach the air defenses to destroy them.

What it May not Defend Against?

Although it may not defend well against GOWIPE and GOWIWI, if you know from experience that defense against such attacks depends on the level of walls and defenses you have. High level walls and defenses will ensure safety against them. In general this anti-hogs war base design can be used in clan wars and as an anti giants farming base design.

Anti Hogs TH9 War Base and Trophy Base

So without further ado and delay, find below the base design. You may click on the base design to open an enlarged version of the image in a new tab. Although complete care and testing is done to ensure the performance of the base against hogs, giants, dragons and balloons, if you find any changes or suggestions on the design of the base please post those changes or suggestions in the comments section below.

Town Hall 9 Anti Hogs War Base Design (4 mortars)

Click on the image of the Th9 Anti Hogs 4 Mortar war base design to open a bigger image in a new tab / window

Copy, Test, share with others and Coment

You are free to copy this anti hogs base design for your TH9 base, test it in clan wars, share with friends in your clan and post your comments on how it worked for you and how it can be further modificed to make it better below. Clash on and happy clashing!

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