Anti-Golem TH9 War Base Design

Why an Anti-Golem War Base?

If you have very recently upgraded your town hall to lvl 9, and your clan heavily depends on your performance to win wars, you most definitely need a war base design which will not just be effective against Hogs attack, you need a base which will defend well against lvl , lvl2 and lvl3 Golems. No-only that, if you are faced with maxed out th10 opponents in war then you may need a base design that will defend well against lvl 5 Golems along with lvl 6 wizards and lvl 2 witches as well!


Undeveloped TH9: How to defend against Golems?

It is virtually impossible to defend an undeveloped TH9 against high level Golem attack.

Thus what you need is a funneling and diversion design which will lure the attacker and his Golems away so that they can be easily taken out without giving away too many stars. Thus, keeping this in mind, I have come up with a base design which is designed to do exactly that!

Anti-Golem with defense against other troops

The problem that we all face when our TH9 base is not well developed is that we have to defend against lvl5 hogs and lvl4 dragons as well as they are most commonly used to attack and take 3 stars from TH9 bases. Thus, apart from being an anti-golem base, the base should not get 3 starred against high level hogs and high level dragons as well!

The Anti-Golem TH9 War Base Design

Keeping all theses aspects in mind, below is a base which not-only defends well against high level hogs and dragons but also lures Golems into a corner and destroys them so that the attacker has to satisfy with 1 or 2 stars maximum. In other words, the base is designed in such a way that the attacker’s plan get disrupted resulting in him/her making multiple mistakes and thus loosing out on valuable stars.

So, without further ado, I am presenting below the design. Adopt it in our war base ad see if it works well for you and amaze your clan mates.

Most Effective Anti-Golem, TH9 War Base Design

Click on the Anti-Golem Th9 War Base Design to expand it and view in a new tab.

 Share Your Experience & Comments

If you have used this anti-golem war base design, I encourage you to share your experience and suggestions on how you feel the base design can be improved further. You may also post any other anti-golem war base design which you feel can help readers and visitors who are looking for an effective anti-golem TH9 war base design.

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