Anti Giants Th8 War Base Design

Why An Anti Giants War Base is Important

At town hall 8 level you are prone to be attacked by TH9 players who come with lvl 6 giants many a times to 2 or 3 star your base at the minimum of their elixir cost. This strategy is used both at the beginning of the war and at the end of the war to gain war loot.


Thus, there is a requirement that your war base should be anti giants and should not give away easy stars to your opponents. Keeping this in mind, we have come up with a TH8 War base design which defends well against giants and giants combination attacks.

Anti Giants Base with Defense against Other Troops

There is little use of a war base which is just anti giants, keeping into mind that you may get attacked with hogs, dragons and other combination attacks as well! Thus our anti giant base is designed to accommodate defense against other troop combinations as well. Special consideration is given to place the air defenses, archer towers and the teslas in strategic positions in order to defend well against dragons as well. Mortars and wizard towers are specially positioned in order to take out ground troops effectively.

Traps and bombs are positioned to ensure maximum damage to attacking herds of troops. Thus making the base almost impossible to 2 star against with giants and giant attacks.

A 4th mortar is also included and positioned in the design making it one of the latest and most advanced TH8 war base designs.

Anti Giants TH8 War Base with 4 Mortars - latest design

War Testing of the Anti Giants TH8 Base

Having done extensive testing of the base with giants and hogs and modifying it to improve it, below, find an image of the TH8 anti giants war base. Also included are videos of how the base has fared in war against different ground and air combination attacks.

Videos of War Testing of the Anti Giants TH8 War Base

Below are two videos of the testing of this TH8 anti-giants TH8 war base which can help you decide if you would like to use this base in your clan wars for yourself.

First Attack on Anti Giants Th8 War Base

Second Attack on Anti Giants Th8 War Base

Freely Copy the TH8 Anti Giants War Base

You may freely copy and share this TH8 anti giants war base design. Share it with friends or clan-mates & if you have any suggestions or changes that you may want to be incorporated within the design, do post your suggestions and comments below. You may also try the base for yourself in the next clan war and post your comments.

Happy Clashing!

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