Anti Dragon TH9 War Base Design

Why you need an Anti Dragon War Base?

If you have been playing Clash of Clans in general or if you are a frequent participant in clan wars, then it goes without saying that you have been attacked with Air troops frequently. For clan wars, Dragons are the preferred attack troops to 3 star war bases. How frequently you have been 3 starred in clan wars with dragons? I had been a target of air and dragons in particular in war because I have an undeveloped town hall 9 and people just keep attacking me with dragons often snatching away 2 stars in general and many a times 3 stars from my previous war base design.


That’s when I decided one thing. If I am to be the target of dragon attacks in the future as well, why not study how dragons attack, what are their strengths and weaknesses, how do they move and what can be done in order to avoid getting 3 starred regularly. What I wanted to give away 1 star or less!

If you are an undeveloped townhall 9 and are faced with the same problem in clan wars, read on and below see the anti dragon war base design which gets attacked 5 – 6 times in each war and still gives away only 1 star!

Anti Dragons base with defense against other troops

Now the only problem is that you cannot just concentrate on one kind of attack troops and completely ignore other troops, an Anti dragon war base has to be an anti hog war base also (since hog attacks are very common in clan wars). Further, it should also defend well against giants attacks, balloons attacks and Golems as well! The base should not give away more than 2 stars for any such attacks, however, our concentration will be to only give away 1 star for any dragon attacks even for lvl 4 dragons.

Thus I designed this base and tested it in 3 consecutive wars to ensure that it stands well against dragon attacks. As you must have noticed the inclusion of the 4th mortar and the skeleton traps to make the base more secure.

Anti Dragons war base design TH9 with 4 mortars

Click on the design to view larger anti dragon TH9 war base design image in a new tab!

Free to Copy anti dragon war base

The anti dragon war base design above is free for you to copy it and share it with friends or if you wish to keep it with you that is fine with me. However, do post your experience after changing to this base design and any suggestions that you may have to better the anti dragon war base design.

If you like, you may also share your own anti dragon war base design which you think is better than this and has worked for you below. This base is for TH9 only, however, in future I am also coming up with an anti dragon war base design for TH8 as well soon!

Happy Clashing!

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