An Introduction to the Rage Spell – Clash of Clans

The Rage Spell - Clash of Clans Introduction to the Rage Spell

An introduction to the Rage Spell – Clash of Clans


The English dictionary defines “Rage” as “a fit of ill temper” or “violent uncontrollable anger“. Well within the context, the developers of Clash of Clans have created this spell which definitely provides your attacking troops (on whom the spell is applied) with both ill temper & uncontrollable anger amongst other key features that have been added to the “Rage Spell”.

Today, we will be taking a closer look at the “Rage Spell” and all it’s features to better understand it. A better understanding of the rage spell will help us best utilize it in all our future attacks. Before we can actually effectively start using the rage spell, let us take a closer look at the features of the “Rage Spell”:

What Does a Rage Spell Do?

Applying the rage spell on your troops makes them stronger and faster! The rage spell creates a ring of rage (5 tile radius) around the area where it is dropped, providing temporary increase in both speed and strength to troops which encompass the ring. 

Some Salient Features of the Rage Spell - Clash of Clans

Some if the most important salient features of the Rage Spell in clash of clans and things you need to know to get familiarized with it.

Some Salient Features of the Rage Spell

  • Depending on the level of the rage spell, it provides a boost to the damage potential and speed of all attack troops. The higher the level of the rage spell the more will be the increase in the damage potential. i.e., a level 1 rage spell will provide lesser increase in damage potential as compared to a level 2 rage spell.
  • Dropping a rage spell creates an purple ring of rage. Any attacking troop that may already be there in this ring will receive the increased damage potential and speed boost. Troops that may follow in later into the ring of rage can also take advantage of this increased damage potential while the spell’s effect lasts.
  • The rage spell is a time bound spell and it lasts for 18 seconds. Although 18 seconds do not sound too much, if properly utilized, one rage spell can aid your troops to take out 3o% of buildings in a clustered base design and help your troops penetrate into the central part of the village.
  • Using rage spells in high HP troops works well, in order to use the rage spell in low HP troops, ensure to use it in conjunction with the heal spell.
  • The highest level of a rage spell is level 5 and it can be upgraded to it’s highest level at Town Hall level 8.
  • Each rage spell takes 45 minutes to cook or create.
  • The cost of creating or producing a rage spell varies between 23,000 and 33,000 Elixir per spell depending on the level of the rage spell and increases as the level of the rage spell increases.
  • Rage spells are most commonly used in all dragon attacks, giants cum healer attacks, Loonian Attacks and are very frequently used in clan wars to attain three star wins which are crucial for a clan to win wars.

If you would like full details on the rage spells and it’s specs, you may visit the wiki on rage spells.

Effective Use of the Rage Spell

Although the rage spell is a costly spell and it takes maximum time to create, effective use of the rage spell can help win trophies, clan wars & help in maximizing loot while raiding. In order to utilize the real potential of the rage spell, one needs to understand and learn how to best use it including deciding if to use it or not, when and where to deploy it and which troop combinations to use it with.

I will be covering the effective use of the rage spell within a new article which will provide full details on how and when to use them along with best practices that need to be employed in order to get best results from rage spells.

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