Amazing Town Hall 9 war base!

Amazing Town Hall 9 War Base DesignWhat it defends Against? 3 Layer Defenses

A complete layer by layer defense against both Air and land attackers; this design will help defend your base against almost all kind of land and air attacks including combination attacks as well. The 3 layer protection ensures that no troops get through to the middle (i.e., to the townhall). The strategic positioning of the defenses ensures that they perish well before that. Its a well protected town hall 9 war base that looks very easy to attack and is very difficult to star!


Defense Against Which Combinations?

The base effectively defends against varying combination of troops giving away at most 1 to 2 stars but never 3 stars. In many cases and most of the times attackers keep attacking without getting stars and keep wondering what went wrong!

The base effectively defends against:

An All Dragons Attack

(both lvl3 and lvl4 dragons will perish)
Collectors and storages are such positioned that the dragons will perish before reaching the townhall. They may attack from any 4 directions, the result will be the same. At most a well planned lvl 4 dragons attack will yield 1 star!

A Balloons and Minions Attack will Fail

(lvl6 minions and lvl6 balloons)
Balloons and Minions will fail! they get taken out like nine pins! Any direction they attack from, the result will be the same. At most a well planned lvl6 balloons with minions will be able to 1 star the base.

A giants and wizards attack will also fail!

(lvl6 giants with lvl6 wizards)
You need not worry about the giants and wizards attack as well! Spring traps and giants bombs along with the barbarian king, queen and clan castle are such positioned that the giants and wizards stand no change! They will not be able to manage more than 1 star!

The Base defends Well against lvl3 Golems!

(lvl3 Golems and lvl6 wizards)
The base has been tested extensively against Golem + Wizards (GOWI) attacks and defends well by giving away only 1 star, however, for lvl4 plus Golems, it may give away more stars! However, the best defense against Golems on townhall 9!

Its an Anti-Hogs Base Design

(lvl5 Hogs perish like butterflies)
An all hogs (lvl5) attack perishes and only yields 1 star at most! 70% of hog attacks do not yields even 1 star! The traps are set in such a way that the hogs will get eliminated like butterflies.

Even Hounds cannot 2 star the Base Design

Its a foolproof anti air attack base design, even hounds cannot help 2 star the base! Tested well against hounds + balloons and hounds + dragons and still just 1 star!

Act before your friends and Amaze them!

So, what are you waiting for? Amaze your friends and clan mates by being the first to copy this amazing war base design! Register now to be able to see the war base design and download it! After registration cone back on this post to view: “Amazing town hall 9 war base“.
Amazing Town Hall 9 War Base Design
If you are not able to see the download link after registration, send us an email on and we will email you a copy of the base design on your email id.

After you have copied the base design and used it in war, do post your comments and your friends’ reactions below! Happy Clashing!

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