6 Advanced Farming Tips for Higher Level Town Halls – Clash of Clans

Advanced Farming tips for high level town halls in clash of clans


All of us do farming be it for Gold, Elixir or Dark Elixir. Over time we have developed a method for farming that suits our style of playing the game. I myself had developed a method of farming which fetched me a good amounts of loot every hour I spent playing the game. However, from time to time we need to revisit our farming skills and analyze them to see what we are doing wrong and, how we can improve our farming capabilities. Thus for the sake of my blog readers, I am producing herein 6 advanced farming tips which can be used by high level town hall players to keep getting a good amount of loot form each and every loot attack they do in Clash of Clans.

As my town hall level advanced and as the available loot started to decline with every town hall level rise, I was faced with reduction in loot. That is when I started working on ways I can improve the loot in order to better my looting ability. The tips included herein are all based on keen observation + my experience and if you are not already applying these techniques in farming, you may benefit greatly by reading this article.

As your town hall progresses to higher levels, there is a double cost impact that you have to face. On one hand, your available loot reduces and on the other hand you need to train more costlier troops. This means you need more elixir to train an army at higher town hall levels. Thus elixir cost per raid increases. If you do not plan your attacks or if, your base selection is not right, you may actually end up spending more than what you gain from your loot raids.

To counter the above two impacts that every player faces whenever he/she upgrades the town hall or even otherwise when farming at high level town halls, there are some basic and simple tips that you can follow to improve the hourly loot that you can gain from farming. So, without further delay, below are 5 tips that you can follow while farming at high level town halls and gain handsome loot:

1. Set a Target for Available loot:

Sometimes we need gold so that we can upgrade buildings (as our builders are free) and sometimes we need elixir so that we can upgrade troops and buildings which require elixir to upgrade. You may also need dark elixir from time to time to upgrade your dark troops or your heros. Depending on what you need to upgrade next, you need to decide what will be your primary loot resource and how much will be the base quantity if the available loot that qualifies the base for an attack. Keep one thing in mind though, always include around 100,000 elixir and 50,000 gold to whatever your target loot amount is so that you do not face any kind of problems in terms of reduced resources to train troops and find opponents for your next attack. If you are trying to gather elixir for an elixir upgrade your ideal available elixir loot should be around 250,000 and higher. Same goes for Gold as well. For Dark elixir loot, ensure that the base your attack has 2000 available dark elixir for loot. To summarize this whole concept for you below is a simple formula for loot:

For Elixir loot attacks, minimum available loot: Elixir 250,000 Gold 50,000
For Gold loot attacks, minimum available loot: Elixir 100,000 Gold 250,000
For Dark Elixir loot attacks, minimum available loot” Elixir 100,000 Gold 50,000 Dark Elixir 2000

2. Keep Searching for the Right Base to Attack:

Although each search in multiplayer mode may cost your a good amount of gold, with experience, I have noticed that if you have the gold amount at the back of your mind while searching, that makes you hasty and hampers your base selection and thus reduces the available loot for you. If, however, you just keep skipping bases till you find a base that suits you best, you may end up doing 50 searches before finding an eligible base to attack, however, you will still benefit much more than what you may have spent in the search. So, don’t let the search cost impact you. Keep searching till you get your desired base before you attack.

3. Look for Where the loot is located before attacking:

Many a times we attack a base just because there is sufficient available loot, however, we fail to gain the loot. Ever wondered why that happens? One of the most common reasons that happens is because we are able to focus the attack on where the loot is. Sometimes, the loot is located in resource collectors and sometimes, it is located in storages. A good loot at the resource collectors and the resource storages helps us understand where the loot is located and will also help us understand how best to attack the base. Some of us may be new and may not be able to understand how to gauge where the loot is. Even I was unaware of this till I reached town hall 8 and I started paying attention to both the resource collectors and storages before I understood it. What you need is a trained eye that can immediately identify the location of the loot before starting an attack.

4. Switch your Storages:

While the above three tips cover identifying and targeting bases, this tip is related to your own base and how you should organize your storages in order to protect what you have already looted or gathered. Taker a look at your base layout, you will observe that you have positioned your storages in 2 layers. Almost all base layouts use 2 layer placement of storages. Now, while you are looting gold, ensure to include your gold stroages within the inner layer. Same goes with elixir. You won’t believe, just by doing this simple practice, you will be able to save a huge amount of resources from being looted.

5. Keep your Town Hall Isolated:

I have been advising everyone to keep an isolated town hall at all times when you are farming. For trophy pushing, it’s a different story and trophy pushing should only be undertaken when you are not in need of resouces for upgrades. An isolated town hall will both provide you with a `12 hours shield most of the time without losing resources. Imagine if everyone who is farming isolates the town hall, how easy it would be to gain the loot win bonus. At lower trophy levels, it may not make a big difference, however, from Crystal and Maters league, the loot win bonus is amazing and many a times you can just target the town hall with one of your heors. When you do that, you are not spending any elixir at all. So, as and when possible while farming keep your town hall isolated.

6. For best loot results, ensure both your heros are available for attack:

High level heros themselves can help gain a good share of the available loot. With experience, you will learn how to use your barbarian king with other barbarians and it’s rage (the barbarian king rage aids all barbarians within the king’s rage circle). Also, your Archer Queen can be a very handy tool to gain loot form centrally located loot. A high level Archer Queen with one rage and heal spell can almost destroy closely placed storages within seconds.

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