4 Mortar Base – TH8 and TH9 War Bases

Adding 4th Mortar into your war baseAfter 22nd October 2014, the Halloween update, anyone who is townhall 8 and above is faced with a crucial design change that needs to be implemented in order to accommodate the 4th Mortar into their war base designs. Although we all have our own preferred base designs both for farming and for war, the introduction of this 4th Mortar, is forcing us to improve our designs and create both farming and war base designs that will suite our style.

Owing to this, I have been receiving emails from blog followers who want me to post some good townhall 8, townhall 9 and townhall 10 trophy base designs with the 4th mortar in place. After extensive testing, tweaking and creating numerous symmetrical farming and war base designs, we have decided to include the 2 best performing designs below for each townhall.

Townhall 8 (4 Mortars) War Base Designs

Below are 2 thownhall 8 war bases from our last clan war, they got attacked with hogs, dragons and giants, still they defended well against them mainly because of the 4th Mortar.

Design Number 1

Townhall 8 War Base 4 Mortars DesignThe above design is a very effective war base design against dragons, hogs & giants in war. In the last war this base got attacked 2 times with dragons and 1 time with hogs giving away only 1 star.

Design Number 2

TH8 War Base with 4th Mortar

This TH8 war base design with 4 Mortars is very effective against giants and hogs: this 4 mortar base got attacked once with giants and once with lvl 3 hogs and still gave away only 1 star.

Design Number 3

TH8 War Base with 4th Mortar

This Th8 war base design with 4 mortars is very effective against air attacks specially against an all dragon attack. Been attacked with lvl 3 dragons regularly and gives away only one or sometimes 2 stars.

Townhall 9 (4 mortars) War Base Designs

Design Number 1

4th Mortar - TH9 war base design

The above town hall 9 war base design is a multi-purpose trophy based design which is anti-hog, anti-balloons, anti giants, anti-dragon, anti-hound and anti-gowiwi. Further this base is best for trophy as mostly it gets 42-46% damaged with barch and other farming attack troops thus giving you a shield and trophies as well!

 Design Number 2

Townhall 9 with 4th Mortar Trophy Base Design 2

This th9 war base with 4 mortars is tested against giants attacks and dragon attacks. It works fine giving away 1 star mostly. However, testing is not done against hounds & GOWIWI attacks.

Design Number 3

Townhall 9 with 4th Mortar Trophy Base Design 3

The above TH9 war base design which includes the 4th mortar is tested well against giants attacks and golems attacks. It stand out well giving away not more than one star in clan wars.

In our future articles, we will include more bases with the 4th Mortar which will be further tested and time tested to ensure best defenses in both farming and war. Townhall 10 farming and war bases to follow soon..

Share Your War and Farming Base Designs

You may include a screenshot of your farming or war base or both below in the comments section if you would like your farming or war base to be included in this post. You may also post your comments and your experience after implementing the designs.

Happy Clashing!

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