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Ideal 4 mortar placement for th8, th9 and th10 - Clash of ClansIntroduction of the 4th Mortar

Following the Halloween (october 2014) clash of clans update, you now have an additional i.e., 4th mortar available in your defenses if you are a town hall 8 or higher. This is a permanent addition in your base defenses. Although this addition helps strenthen the defenses of your base and helps defend well against attacks both in league mode and war mode, The one thing with which everyone is concerned about is how to position the 4th mortar well into your current base design to take full advantage of it’s defenses. Hope this article on 4th mortar placement tips will help you solve this issue.


Change Current Base Design?

If you are a clash of clans regular, you must have tried various base designs with various combinations before finally coming to a base design that best suits your style of defense. It all depends on your trophy level and the kind of attacks troops that are most commonly used while attacking your base. However, now with the introduction of the 4th mortar, everyone who has a townhall 8 or higher will have to incorporate the 4th mortar into their base deisgn. What this means for you is:

a. Either edit current base design to include the 4th mortar into it; or
b. Get a new base design done and start testing it to see if it works for you or not.

Including the 4th Mortar into current Base Design

If you have decided to go with your current base design and to edit it to include the 4th mortar into it, then, you may need to move things around including changing position of more than 2 or 3 defense items.

Placement Tips

At TH8, wherein you have 3 air defenses, 3 wizard towers and 3 teslas, including the 4th mortar may be a little difficult as compared to TH9 and TH10 designs. Ideally, any townhll 8 should include mortars within the second layer of wall defenses. As mortars produce maximum splash damage they are most important at TH8 to protect agains lvl 5 giants, archers and barbarians. This means that the mortars should be such positioned that they protect the townhall from all 4 directions. Although this is a general guidance and things may differ from base to base, if you are faced with a challenge while including the 4th mortar into your base design, you may post below your base design and I will try help you to incorporate the placement of the 4th mortar for you.

Change your base design completely

If on the other hand you have decided that positioning of the 4th mortar is so important and that it is better to create a new base design to correctly utilize the potential of the 4th mortar, then you may be interested in visiting: Townhall 8 (4 Mortars) War Base Designs to copy or get design ideas. If you are a townhall 9 base, then you may visit: Townhall 9 (4 mortars) War Base Designs

Conclusion – Adding 4th Mortar COC Base Design

Although inclusion of the 4th mortar may be difficult; specially at an infant stage where there are not many base designs that include the 4th mortar in them, I have taken the initiative and included both th8 and th9 war base designs with the 4th mortar included in order to assist you in incorporating it in your base.

Hope you like our clan war and farming base designs posted by me from time to time and if you have any comments or suggestions you may please use the comments section below to post them. Clash on!

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