Top 3 Strongest TH8 war base Designs (Anti-Dragon) April 2015

From time to time I have been including anti-dragon town hall 8 clan war base design layouts on The purpose of including this article is to provide fresh and effective i.e., strongest anti-dragon town hall 8 layouts which you can include in your war base design for clan wars.


Although it is very tough to create strong and best performing clan war base layouts that do not give away any stars, it is much easier and practical to create (tactfully) base designs that will trick attackers in making mistakes or attacking from the wrong direction and ending up wasting their attack by way of getting one or two stars only. Many a times these base designs will perform well from higher level attackers as well.

This collection of 3 Town Hall 8 War base designs is the best defense layout against dragons for clan wars. Generally, maxed out TH8s perform better than underdeveloped ones. My only one advise is to try to max out your defenses and walls at TH8 before upgrading to town hall 9. Also, if you would like, stay for some time at a maxed out town hall 8 to enjoy the high level defenses before upgrading the town hall. With this said I provide you below the top 3 town hall 8 war base designs (Anti-Dragons) for April 2015. Hope you like the layouts and they work for you!

Anti-Dragons TH8 War Base

We have all from time to time strive to defend our town hall 8 base from dragon attacks: particularly since they are so common (specially among Chinese opponents). If your clan is regularly being paired up against Chinese clans, then you need what I call is the best Anti-Dragons Town Hall 8, as, 9 out of 10 times, you will get attacked with dragon and dragon combination armies. Our clan very recently was paired against one such Chinese clan wherein they resorted to only dragon attacks on all our town hall 8 clan mates.

The surprising thing is that if they fain once, they keep targeting till they three star the base. Some of our better town hall 8 war base designs got attacked 8 or even 9 times. Some bases got 3 starred and some got away with only 1 star. Below I am producing 3 such anti dragon town hall 8 war base designs which stood up against an all dragons (level 3) attack.

 Anti-Dragons Town Hall 8 Layout #1

An Anti-Dragons Town Hall 8 War Base Design

An Underdeveloped Town Hall 8 Which still defends well against an all dragon attack (level 3 dragons or lower).

Analysis of the above layout

When being attacked with an all dragon army from town hall 8 attackers with either 3 lightening spells or 2 rage and 1 heal spell, this base holds good and may give away 1 or 2 stars only. Ensure to include either a level 3 or higher dragon or level 5 or higher wizards in the clan castle. Ensure that your skeleton traps are on air mode. The above base may get 3 stared by a town hall 9 attacker wherein they have 1 extra dragon and one extra spell.

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Anti-Dragons Town Hall 8 Layout #2


A Well Developed Town Hall 8 Which still defends well against an all dragon attack (level 3 dragons or lower only).

Analysis of the above layout

(Do not use this layout if you don’t have level 6 air defense towers!!)

When you have air defenses placed into the very interior parts of a base design, any dragon army attacks will take time to traverse through to the central part of the layout. The above base design takes advantage of the longer time dragons take to reach the town hall and the air defenses quickly take them out. Further, outer placement of air traps helps ensure that the attacker uses spells rather earlier then as planned.

The clan castle is purposely positioned on the exterior part but somehow covers the town hall. If the attacker does not take out the clan castle troops, then, they will help divert the dragons away from the town hall. You may include level 3 or level 4 dragon in the clan castle for best results. Also ensure that your skeleton traps are in air mode. They are not that strong a troop, however in the case of dragon attacks, they do help divert or even delay the dragons while your air defense towers do the damage.

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Anti-Dragons Town Hall 8 Layout #3

An Anti-Dragons Town Hall 8 War Base Design

An Undeveloped Town Hall 8 Which still defends well against an all dragon attack (level 2 and level 3 dragons).

Analysis of the above layout

In this layout above, we are expecting the attacker to attack from the bottom-left of the screen. Notice the placement of the air traps (both the air bombs and the air mines) primarily on the bottom-left part of the layout. Further, it is advisable to include either wizards or dragon in your war clan castle. If the attacker uses lightening spells to take out one of the air defenses or if he decides to attack with 2 rage and 1 heal spell, it does not matter. All 3 air defenses are place in closest proximity to the town hall and provide triple air cover to the town hall from all sides.

It will be very difficult if not impossible for an all dragon army to 3 star this layout. What you will find interesting is that apart from it primarily being an anti-dragons base design, the design is also well suited to defend from both giants and hogs. Although we have not done much testing in terms of giants and hogs, if you find it defend well against them, do post your experience in the comments section below.

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Hope you guys enjoy these top 3 anti dragon town hall 8 clan war base design layouts. Any suggestions or comments are welcome. Please register and comment as you desire. Happy Clashing!

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