3 Effective TH8 War Base Layouts with Air Sweeper

With the introduction of the “Air Sweeper” in the April 2015 update of Clash of Clans, all us are wondering how and where to place the new building in our current layouts. Pressed against time, if you are unable to create a design that will suite you, you may choose to adapt one of the three effective Town Hall 8 War Base Layouts (which include well positioned Air Sweeper) in your war base.


The below 3 layout designs are very effective against Dragons, Hogs, Giants, Golems, P.E.K.K.A and combination attacks.

Layout #1: TH8: War Base: With Air Sweeper: Anti-Dragons

One of the best TH8 war base layouts (with air sweeper)

The Above Town Hall 8 War Base Layout includes well placed air weeper.

The above base features a central town hall, well positioned air defenses to counter any level 3 dragon army attacks, perfectly placed 4 mortars and two closely placed tesla towers (close to the town hall) for best protection against dragon attacks.

Apart from it being a good anti-dragon war base layout, the base defends well against poorly executed hogs, giants and even Golem combination armies. Most of the air attacks on the above layout will happen from the bottom right. Keeping this in mind, the air sweeper is purposely placed to protect from such attacks. The air sweeper keeps pushing back air troops while providing the time to the air defense towers to take them out.

Layout #2: TH8: War Base: With Air Sweeper: Anti-Air

Best Anti-Air TH8 war base layout (with air sweeper)

Another well balanced anti-air war base design for TH8 which includes a well positioned air sweeper.

Again a centrally located town hall, well surrounded with three air defenses from all sides. Closely positioned air traps and air mines, a difficult to lure clan castle and most importantly an air sweeper which will keep pushing back air troops (away from the town hall).

This Town Hall 8 war base design work well primarily against all kinds of air troops including: Dragons, Hounds, Balloons & Minions. I have personally seen 5-6 air combination attacks fail against this TH8 war base layout. To get best results with the above base design, ensure to include a level 4 dragon along with 5 level 6 archers in your war clan castle. The above layout performs well against both: the use of lightening spells to take our air defense towers and also when someone is using rage and heal spells.

PN: The base may not hold good against level 4 dragon attacks or level 3 hound attacks. Since both these troops are only available at Town Hall 10, it is a good idea to use this layout when you are faced against level 8 and level 9 town hall players in clan wars.

Layout #3: TH8: War Base: With Air Sweeper: Anti-Dragon

TH8 War Base Design Layout with Air Sweeper - Anti-Dragons

One of the best anti-dragons TH8 war base layout (air sweeper included).

On your foray to find the best performing TH8 war base layouts, you may be on the lookout for a base that defends well against all army combinations. Seldom do we find one. Some layouts work well against air attacks while others perform better against ground attacks. Here is a base design layout that works equally well against both ground and air attack armies. The only catch is that the attacker should be a TH8 or lower.

When pegged against town hall 8 war opponents use this layout and surprise them as, the base mostly only gives away 1 star. Further the “Air Sweeper” has been integrated into the design to provide that extra bit of air defense. Having seen several dragon attacks perish before reaching the town hall, I can safely say that this is arguably one of the best anti-dragons war base out there.

If you like the above layouts use them well in your clan wars and surprise both your opponent (attackers) and your clan mates.

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