21 Tips Clashers Should Follow For Farming

21 Tips any Clasher Should Follow while Farming (TH7 and Above)

20 tips you should follow while farming in clash of clans


1. Keep Your Barracks and Spell Factory busy at all times:

Something that is called optimum utilization of the time you spend with the game! In order to make your farming effective and to deploy best farming tactics, it is best to utilize the available resources at their optimum be it your troops, your buildings, your elixir, gold and dark elixir or be it your barracks and your spell factories! Read Full article on how to keep your barracks and spell factory busy at all times while farming.

2. Pick an army combination that works best for you in farming:

We all have adapted our own style of both attacking and the liking for a set of troop combination which has worked best for us while we farm around for loot in Clash of Clans over time. Since the most part of your time with the game involves gathering loot, it is most important that you are most comfortable with the set of troops you use for farming. Read the full article on how to Pick an army combination that works well for you while farming.

3. Look for easy 1 star while picking your target while farming

An easy 1 star always helps! An easy 1 star implies an attack win and thus rewards you with win bonus. At different league levels the win bonus differs. As you progress higher in the higher leagues, the win bonus also increases. Irrespective of which league you are in, a win keeps both your morale high and gets you the win bonus. A good farming strategy thus involves ensuing a win in every attack. Read the full article on looking for easy 1 star while picking your target base in farming.

4. Higher the trophies higher the league higher the Win Bonus!

The simple logic which is so difficult to understand! Higher your trophy level, the higher the league you will be in and the higher will be the league win bonus! I fain to understand why people farm at lower trophy ranges. Do they find better available loot? Not quite! So, why don’t they climb in order to get better win bonuses? Beats me! I strongly suggest you read the full article on higher trophy level – Higher Leagues and Higher Win Bonuses!

5. Trophy Push and Farming are 2 different things: do not do both together

While it may sound easy to do both trophy push and farming together and you may be temped to do both. It is advisable to keep your attention to one thing at a time. Do not divide your attention by trying both together. Either do trophy push first to reach a trophy range you like or start farming (if you are already in the trophy range of your choice). To understand in detail why you should concentrate on one thing at a time read the article: trophy push and farming are 2 different things! Do one at a time!

6. Keep an Available loot target in mind before deciding to attack a base

Randomly choosing bases to attack lands you in trouble by way of losing more that you gain. Keeping a set target of how much minimum available loot qualifies a base for targeting will help you in ensuring a profitable loot every time. Understand your immediate loot requirement (based on the upgrades you want to do next) and set your minimum available loot levels for Gold / Elixir or Dark Elixir for best results. Read the article on how to keep an available loot target in mind before deciding to choose which base to attack.

7. Look for abandoned bases

Abandoned bases provide you with best available loot most of the times. They are bases which have available loot within the collectors and mostly collectors are placed on the outskirts of base designs. Thus abandoned bases are the best choice bases to attack in order to both gain highest available loots and easiest looting. Read our full article on how to look and identify which bases are abandoned and how to target them.

8. Look for isolated town halls

Finding and attacking isolated town halls helps ensure a steady flow of free elixir. More so, when you are in the crystal league and above, the elixir win bonus is quite substantial. If you are like me and love to use a well equipped and expensive army for farming, then you will need some extra elixir and the easiest way to get it is through town hall sniping of isolated town halls. Read our full article on how to locate and target isolated town halls to gain extra elixir and dark elixir.

9. Never let the cost of search guide your choice to attack

When searching for the right base to attack, you most often look at the number of searches that are done in order to find the right base to attack. Sometimes you may end up doing more than 50 or even 100 such searches before you find an appropriate target base. Depending on your town hall level, the cost of such a search may vary from around 40,000 to 100,000 gold per search. Here it is important to highlight that the law of averages is important. As, sometimes you may find your desired base within 1 to 2 searches and sometimes it may take 50-100 searches. However, in general, the law of averages applies and mostly you will always end up gaining Gold. Seldom will you end up losing Gold. Read our full article on  why you should not allow the cost of search guide your choice to select your target base.

10. Keep your town hall isolated while you are farming

While it is a good idea to provide complete defense to the town hall from all sides (specially when you are trophy pushing), when it comes to resource farming, the opposite is true. You would like all your defense buildings to concentrate on your resource storages and collectors in order to protect as many resources as possible. Also one of the key things that you would target while farming is to gain a shield without spending much. Both these objectives are best served when you isolate your town hall. Read our full article on how and why you should keep your town hall isolated while you are farming for resources.

11. Try to quit attacks while your hero’s health is at-least half left!

As a general practice we always complete our attacks and use all our army (to it’s full potential) in attacks. This is particularly true in clan wars as the purpose is to try and gain full 3 stars. However, while farming, the objective is different. We never aim for 3 stars. What we mostly aim for is a 1 star win which helps us gain win bonus and we try to gain maximum loot from the available loot. When our prime objective is to amass maximum loot from the available loot while attacking for farming, we mostly completely utilize our heros as well. When a hero is completely used in an attack the recovery time of the hero’s healing is very high. If you are boosting your barracks and your spell factory, you can easily cook up a full army within 30 minutes or so. While level 15 plus hero(s) take 50 to 55 minutes to heal. Thus this does not allow hero availability for every attack that you do in farming. A better idea is to alternatively use heros (kind and queen) so that atleast one hero is available in every attack. Or, you can use both the heros to spend only half their life in each attack and keep using them for all your attacks. In order to understand how you can do that, read our article on how to quit attacks while your hero’s health is at-least half left!

12. Use your hero’s abilities almost always in your farming attacks

While it is one thing to ensure that both the heros are available in each and every attack while farming, it is another thing to always use their special ability. Using the special ability of the heros helps tremendously in attacks. Thus you must have already noticed both while farming and in clan wars attacks. It is extremely rewarding to use both the heros and their special abilities while farming. As when you use the special ability, both the heros gain extra hit points or health and both gain rage at the same time. This extra burst of health and rage can be used to our advantage to gain loot. Read our article on how you should use your heros’ abilities almost always in your farming attacks.

13. Choose your target base carefully

Every time you find a base to attack, you are tempted to go into battle. Sometimes it may be the elixir, sometimes the gold and many a times it is the dark elixir that we crave for. However, not all search results are fruitful. As a matter of fact, most of the search results are non profitable. Thus, it is extremely important to ensure that you choose both the right target base (once from where you can gain maximum available loot) or one which has the required available loot. The objective of any attack while farming is to gain loot. So, while choosing which base to attack you need to gauge how much of the available loot can you gain with your troops. This is should be your guiding factor while deciding if you would attack the base or not. Read our full article on how and why you should choose your target base carefully while farming.

14. Your base targeting should be profitable at all times

We tend to wast our farming attacks many a times. This results in us spending more time and losing out on more profitable offerings. However, if you keep your net profitability in mind while choosing your target base, you will end up saving time and precious resources. This helps speed up your looting abilities and the mount of loot you gain within an hour of game-play in clash of clans. Read our full article on how you can ensure profitability while targeting the right base when farming in clash of clans.

15. Boost your barracks and spell factory to do maximum attacks in burst of 2 hours

We all know that every boost we do lasts for 2 hours. How much loot we gain in those 2 hours depends on how well we utilize the boost. In general, a boot will provide at-least 3-4 times more resources within the same time as normal cooking of troops. However, that does not hold try if you are unable to properly utilize the boost. Thus, although it is a good idea to boost your barracks, before you do that and spend your valuable gems, ensure you have an action plan for the full 2 hours so that no boost gets wasted. You may be interested in knowing more on boosting your barracks and spell factory to do maximum attacks in our full article here.

16. Never settle for lesser than targeted available loot:

While farming and when choosing the right base, you may sometimes find bases which may have lesser available loot then you target. Sometimes the difference may not be much and you may get temped to attack. However, with experience I have realized that dong this will result in way lower hourly loot potential. Thus it is not a good idea to settle for lesser available loot while choosing your target bases. Read my full article on why you should never settle for lesser than targeted available loot to understand this.

17. Use Xmod for town hall sniping only not for farming

Finding isolated town halls for town hall sniping is difficult specially, when you climb to Crystal 2 and higher leagues. You may end you spending time searching for them. Only in such cases, it is advisable to use Xmod to find them. Using Xmod will help you save time while searching for isolated town halls. Otherwise, I would suggest not to use Xmod for farming. Read my full article on using Xmod for town hall sniping only not for farming in order to understand more.

18. Do not leave resources in your storages before you leave the game

When you leave resources on the table while taking a break from the game, you are vulnerable to being looted. If you have builders free, never leave resources on the table. Use the resources wherever possible so that there is lesser available loot for attackers. As the objective of the game is to max out your buildings, this makes perfect sense. When you leave huge amounts of resources for the taking, you get looted and you will invariably have to get those resources back any-ways. So it is better to deploy them in low priority upgrades including the very expensive walls while you are taking a break from the game. Moreover, when you have only 1 kind of resource available for loot and keep an isolated town hall, seldom will you be attacked for loot. You will only get attacked by trophy pushers. Read my full article on why you should not leave resources unused while you take a break from the game.

19. Choose and stick to your favourite trophy range while farming

Wile trophy range does not matter much in terms of any other other benefit, it does matter the most when you are farming. Being in the right trophy range helps you gain both: better available loot and; higher win bonus. Although it is a matter of personal choice, while farming, it is a good practice to stick to your trophy preferred trophy range and not wander away in either directions. As you will always notice that sticking to a trophy range is most beneficial while farming. The read more in this article on why you should stick to a trophy range and how you can avoid wandering away from your desired trophy range while farming.

20. Avoid hero upgrades while farming

Although it is a top priority thing when it comes to upgrading heros in clash of clans specially at town hall 10, while farming for high amounts of gold, elixir and dark elixir, ensure that you have both the heros available so that you can farm more effectively and faster. Upgrading your heros should be done only once you have sufficient dark elixir and your thirst for gold and elixir is satiated. I personally at town hall 10 upgrade my heros together or close to together once I have filled my dark elixir storages to the full. In order to understand more on why you sould avoid hero uprage while farming follow the link here.

21. Use a 3 forked approach for choosing a target base

What is a three forked approach? How is it helpful in farming? These are the questions that may come to anyone’s mind when you first hear this. While we all farm for resources, using a 3 forked approach dramatically improves our resource gathering abilities. A 3 forked approach while choosing a target base implies that you are looking for either of the below three features while selecting a base to attack:

a. Any isolated / Semi-Isolated town hall

b. Externally available loot (which is easy to take)

c. Easy and inexpensive 50% destruction designs (to gain 1 star)

To understand this 3 forked strategy in detail, read our article on Using a 3 forked approach for choosing a target base while farming.

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