10 Tips for Farming in Clash of Clans

10 Farming Tips - Clash of ClansFarming is a must in order to get a lot of loot which can then be used to upgrade both your buildings and your armies. As your town hall level increases and your troop level increases, it becomes costlier to both searching for loot and training an army. With a combination of cheaper troops and some tips on choosing the right targets, you can still gather a lot of loot easily. Thus, I am including below the 10 tips for farming in clash of clans if you use these tips well, you will never face any problems in finding loot!


Farming Tip #1

Farming Tip # 1: Army Tip

Farming Tip # 1: Attacking with the right army combination.

Army Tip: Go with BArch (Barbarians and Archers) or BAM (Barbarians, Archers & Minions) Although other troop combinations work well including Giants and healers and other expensive troops, a barbarian and archer army is the cheapest. This is a little bit tricky, so we will break down the army according to the level of the town hall.

Town Hall level 7 and lower : 40% Barbarians ,40% Archers and 15-20% Goblins (also include 1 or 2 wall breakers)
Town Hall Level 8 and Higher: 35% Barbarians, 35% Archers, 10-15% Minions and 10-15% Goblins (include 2 or 3 wall breakers)

Farming Tip #2

Farming Tip # 2: Include one or two wall breakers.

Farminjg Tip #2: Include 1 or 2 wall breakers to break through higher level walls while farming in clash of clans.

Army Tip: Include a Wall Breaker or 2, It is difficult for archers and barbarians to break through higher level walls. Particularly when it comes to breaking level 4 plus walls.

The wall breakers can be handily at doing this. Our main purpose is not to penetrate into the final layer of walls with wall breakers, we just want to break the outer layer of walls in order to provide access for our looting troops to quickly reach the storages before they may perish.[/one_half_last]

Farming Tip #3

Farming Tip #3 : Army Tip: Include some Goblins

Farming tip # 3: Army Tip: Including some goblins around 40 goblins or 20% of total army to ensure easy takeout of outside located resource collectors.

Army Tip: Include some Goblins. The remaining troop capacity of around 15-20% should include only Goblins. Goblins are known to target resources from the start. As a matte of fact and a very important observation is that goblins inflict 2x damage to resource buildings. Thus, they are the quickest troop for looting. Including them in your army will help ensure quick looting of resources.

Farming Tip #4

Farming Tip # 4: Use all your barracks well!

Farming Tip # 4: Army Training Tip: Optimize the use of all your barracks and spread out the production of troops equally between them.

Army Training Tip: Spread out the training of your troops equally between your Barracks. Ideally training a full army should take you around 20 minutes. If you spread the troops training equally between your barracks, you are saving in on training time which equates to saving in on time between raids and thus improves your raiding capacity and the amount of loot that you may gain per hour!

Farming Tip #5

Farming Tip #5: Army Tip: Try to include Minions in your farming army asap.

Farming Tip #5: Army Tip: Try to include Minions in your farming army asap. Soon as you are at town hall 7, get your dark barrack quickly!

Army Training Tip: For Town Hall level 7 and above you also get an additional Dark barrack, this is the time to include Minions in your farming army. The inclusion of Minions in your farming army is done for two purposes. Firstly, you are utilizing your barrack capacity by including them, and secondly, minions can be very hardly in situations wherein deploying just 1 or 2 minions helps gain the 50% win bonus or even can be used to destroy semi-isolated town halls which are out of the range of air defenses.

Hint: Now that you get a dark elixir drill at town hall 7, it is much easier to find dark elixir and drill it yourself, thus, it is now possible to include Minions in your farming army starting from Town Hall 7.

(This is perhaps the latest and most comprehensive collection of Tips for farming in Clash of Clans)

Farming Tip #6

Targeting Tip: Look for villages that are inactive. If you search, you will find many such villages which are inactive i.e., either the payers are infrequent or have abandoned playing the game. You will find a lot of loot in the gold mines and the collectors with such bases. In order to understand and find identify such bases, you may be interested in reading my article on how to identify which base to attack.

Farming Tip #7

Targeting Tip: Look for villages with unprotected storages. Again, finding a base that has one or more resource storage which is either completely unprotected or partially unprotected and easy to reach with your barbarian cum archer army will help you gain a good portion of the available loot.

Farming Tip #8

Targeting Tip: Look for Loot in the Outer Layer of buildings. The Elixir collector is a good giveaway. It actually shows the level of elixir that has been collected by it. If you zoom in any one elixir collector, you can actually find out easily if there is loot available in the collectors and also the level of loot that may be available. You may also like to read my article on elixir collectors: A Perfect Giveaway for Looting.

Farming Tip #9

Troops Deployment: Have a clear objective for attacking a base. When you decide to attack a particular base, you should decide within your mind what you want to achieve by attacking the base. Are you targeting to get loot from the collectors or from the storages and keeping the objective in mind you should go about to deploy your troops. For higher town hall levels who have Barbarian king (specially level 5 and higher), they should always ensure to deploy some barbarians (8-10) before deploying the Barbarian king. Perfect deployment of the Barbarian king and using the Barbarian King rage well can help clear out at-least 20% of all buildings. However, in my experience, one should only target one of the things: either the resource collectors or the resource storages so that your attack is more directed and effective, thus, yielding the maximum loot possible form the attack.

Farming Tip #10

Troop Deployment: Follow a perfect deployment order. First line of troops to deploy are the barbarians, followed just behind them should be ranged troops: the archers. Ideally these troops should be used to both take out outside resource collectors and distract the First line of defenses so that you can then deploy the goblins who can target the storages and get the maximum loot out of the base at the earliest.

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